Friday, 15 December 2017

That's My Money

LI: To manage finances and profit.
This week for maths was the last week of the game that we were playing, in the end I managed to get $239, I think I could've gotten more if I didn't spend so much money on lotto tickets. In the beginning I used to do a lot of Prototec but after a while the prices for other things were bumped up so lots of people (Including me) started to do DLOs. There were lots more ways of making money rather than losing it, the DLOs gave $25 and if we did a Prototec at our level it would give us $4.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Alex,
    Nice job getting $239.50! You did really well for these past couple of weeks. Did you like this activity? And did it teach you how to be responsible with money? I sure hope it did, but don't worry, we don't need to know what to use it on just now. I hope that your next post will be just as cool as this one!

    - Jack