Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Maths Coding

This week for maths I learnt how make a 3D shape using a coding website called, with the website you have many actions to choose from. If you'd like to make the shape as me the coding needed for it is below. On my first attempt I didn't really know what to do, which made me assume for most of the drawing therefore most of the lines were slightly crooked.
I learnt how to do this by thinking about and assuming the degrees.


  1. Greetings Alex,
    Congratulations on creating a 3D with PencilCode. I see that you've created the same shape as me, and I understand why. It is a basic shape to create, but it's still a challenge. Your description is written really well, and I like how you have explained what you did with PencilCode, and what you learnt.

    Keep it up!

    - Jack

  2. Hi Alex
    Amazing job on making a 3D shape on PencilCode. You made the same shape as me. It is really basic but hard. You have a really good piece of writing and a good explanation of what you have learnt.

    Keep up the good work!