Thursday, 21 September 2017


This week for inquiry we had a new topic, that new topic is elections. for this week's task we had to fill out a google document with the party leaders' electorates, which party they are from, what their names are and what their party logo looks like. For some of the parties I couldn't find images for the slots.
I did this by researching to try and find websites with information and also by using google images to find the logo's for the parties.

Bill English
Image result for bill english
Photo by Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0

Image result for national party logo
Image result for clutha southland electorate
Jacinda Ardern
Image result for labour party jacinda ardern
Image result for labour party symbol new zealand
Screenshot 2017-09-19 at 1.59.54 PM.png Mt Albert
NZ First
Winston Peters
Image result for winston peters
Image result for new zealand first
Can’t find image or place
Green Party
James Shaw
Image result for James Shaw
Image result for Green PArty
Wellington CentralImage result for wellington Central
Maori party
Te Ururoa Flavell
Marama Fox
Image result for Te Ururoa FlavellImage result for Marama Fox
Image result for Maori party
(Can’t find good free image)
David Seymour
Image result for David Seymour
Can’t find free image
(Can’t find good free image)
United future
Damian Light
Can’t find free image
Can’t find free image
(Can’t find good free image)

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  1. Greeting Alex,
    Congratulations on blogging your inquiry! But most importantly, congratulations on finding most of the electorate images! I found it challenging just to find one. I see that you've explained what you did for this activity, and what our new topic is.
    Keep up the amazing blogging!

    - Jack