Friday, 23 February 2018

Electives Math Work

This week's maths work was to figure out an equation on electives for a school, to do it we needed to use fractions and decimals. After I finished the equation I then just added in the answers on the sides and the working out underneath the problem, during the time that I was working it out I was confused at one point until I realised that because I'd thought that there were only 24 students I done the problem wrong. I then quickly just re-read the first part of it and realised my mistake, after that I then proceeded to finish the problem.


This week for cybersmart the task was to create a DLO on our school's whakatauki, the group that I joined for it was composed of Julian, Lyric and I. Together we created a version of the LS1/2 building as well as a representation of our school's whakatauki, to do the care for the land part I created a Kiwi, for the care for the people I created a chain of people holding arms and finally, for the go forward we just drew a person running forward. To do the image of LS1/2 I had to guess the number of things on the building so it might not be completely accurate.


Today at assembly Junior and I received certificates, the certificates were for being organised with our school related equipment. I'm happy with it because I bring my bag, my computer (in a case) and my other things that I would need for school with me every day. I think that I've made a pretty good start to the year if I've gotten this certificate, I also think that if I keep on bringing all of my necessary items to school I'll have a good year. 

Reading Summary - The Week

For reading this week we read the second novel in the five part series about the treaty of Waitangi, this book was about the week before the treaty was going to be signed. To do the activity we first had to get into a group and in those groups everyone read the book, after we'd read the book our next task was to write down important words related to the story. Once that was done the task after that was to create a DLO for the summary that we'd done.

Softball Reflection

Yesterday LS2 group B went to softball, at softball the first thing that we did was get into partners, once we were in partners one of us had to go on one side of the grass while the other went behind a cone a bit further away. In those partners we practiced throwing the ball to each other, we tried different challenges like rolling the ball on the ground to each other, throwing it up high and clapping as much as we could until we caught it and some other things too. We also did a warm up which was 20 star jumps and a run to a tree and back.

Kiwi Can Reflection

Yesterday at Kiwi Can LS2 group B played two games and learnt more about fairness and fair play, to do the first game we had to get into a circle and in that circle there were three hoops. We were then numbered from 1-4 and whenever a number was said, the people who were that number then had to speed walk around the circle until we reached our original spot, when we reached there the objective was to quickly run into a hoop. That continued on until the Kiwi Can instructors started to take the hoops away, I managed to be the last number 2 but I was caught out in the last match. The second game that we played was ball tag, three people from one team were the taggers and a whole other team were the runners. The rules for the taggers were; You're not allowed to move while holding the ball, you can't throw the ball at someone and you can't one hand tag someone with the ball (two hands only).

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Olympic Values

LI: To collect information in order to make a comparison.
For inquiry this week the task was to research our school and the Olympic key values, to do that we first read through a text about the Olympics. After we'd done that we started on the DLO, once the Olympic part was done we then did a little bit of research on our school (Because we didn't know some things). I learnt about how the Olympic motto is also in a different language, how their creed is about trying their best (No matter what the outcome is) and also how their three values are excellence, friendship and respect.