Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Book Review

Today for reading we needed to get in to our groups and present our slideshows on the books that we'd read. We needed to explain the theme, the setting, our overall review and other parts related to the book. After we'd explained the work that we'd done our next task was to explain why we did/didn't like the book and who the main characters are as well as where the story is set.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Bridges Explanation

Our task this week and last week for writing was to write an explanation on why people build/built bridges, we also needed to add colons and write at least three paragraphs as well as the introduction and conclusion. Since our topic for inquiry this term is structures I already knew a lot about bridges so this was easier to write.

Why Do We Build Bridges?
Bridges, they’re those long structures that we always cross to get from one side of
something to another. Ever since the medieval ages, bridges have been used for
transportation and settlement.

Since most people couldn’t swim through a fast river whilst holding their horse and
belongings, some smart person thought up a way to get across the water. Other
reasons as to why going through a river was bad are: They might be swept away
by the rapids, and if they didn’t dry themselves off in time they might catch the flu or

Bridges can help with many things, people always used them. Due to continuous use
bridges sometimes broke. So instead of increasing the quantity of bridges people
decided to increase the quality. They began to use materials like: Iron, Brick, Stone,
Concrete and Steel.

There are many different types of bridges, some of them allow boats to go under
them, whilst others swing open for them. Some of the first bridges were built in 850
BC and since then thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more have been built.

So, the main reason as to why we build bridges is pretty simple, for transport. Some
might argue that they’re mainly used for settlement but they need to transport their
items to settle somewhere else.

Billionaire Boy - Novel Study

For the previous three weeks Ofa and I have been reading and studying the book Billionaire Boy, which was written by David Walliams. Ofa and I have learnt different skills whilst reading this book like identifying the theme. This book was written to entertain us because it doesn't have real life facts or try to change our thoughts about the characters. I really liked this book because it's a tale of friendship and lots and lots of money.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi Can we were learning about perseverance, when you persevere you don't give up on what you're doing, no matter how hard or frustrating it is. One example of persevering is when you play a sport, your team might be losing the game but no matter what you keep going, We also played two games, for one of them one person needed to try and tag other people, when they tagged the other person they both needed to link arms and then keep tagging others until everyone was tagged and there was a big line. The aim of the other game was to get an invisible ball from one side of a court to another without being touched by the other team.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Mixed Numerals And Improper Fractions Conversion

Today as an extra task from the teacher Jeremiah, Miki and I were tasked with creating a DLO that explained how to convert mixed numerals into improper fractions. We also needed to add in a picture of the game that we were playing because for the game you need to convert mixed numerals into improper fractions. If you'd like to test your own skill with converting the two then play this game But remember to simplify.

Three Exponents Questions - Maths


Our maths session today was used to revise our knowledge of exponents and to introduce it to some students who were previously in Learning Space One. Exponents or powers is a shortened version of writing a whole equation. For example, 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 but to simplify it you can write 4 with a little three in the top right corner. I found this activity easy as it was really easy to get used to and I did it last year. I completed the question sheet relatively fast and I really enjoyed doing this work. For this activity we put a DLO together to explain how we answered three of the exponent questions. I worked with Jeremiah and Miki

Monday, 10 September 2018

Inter-School Rugby

Last week the yr 7/8 rugby team participated in the inter-school, along with yr 5/6 rippa and barbarian teams. In our first match we sadly lost but after that we went on to win every single match after that, once, we even won 11-2 against Saint Pius X. We all had fun whilst playing and we managed to come second. At the end of the day everyone was tired and wanted to sleep.