Thursday, 13 June 2019

Student Led Conferences

Last night was the student led conferences, to practice what we were going to say LS2 needed to find a partner and pretend that their partner was their parent/guardian. During my conference I took my parents around the room and showcased all of the work that I'd completed so far this year, They also looked at the DLOs that we made based on the school camp, space, relationships with others and Agents Of Change. After taking them around the room I logged onto a computer and showed them my blog.

Strengthening Connections To Maths Language

Today for maths we were learning about maths vocabulary, as an example we needed to think of all the different greetings that people use, from hi to namaste and even slang like gidday. Afterwards we needed to fill in a table with the maths related words next to it, in order to decide on where the words should go Te Pounamu, Joseph and I talked to each other and recorded our conversation with screencastify.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Tech At Tamaki College

Today in tech my group were using makeblock robots to do complete coding tasks, we needed to make music, control our robot using the arrow keys and make it flash red and blue lights. I finished the tasks faster than the others since I've coded with robots before. The code given in the book for making music resembled the Happy birthday song and since I was finished first I was able to move onto the other tasks earlier.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Literary Devices

Here is the link to my DLO
This week LS2 have been learning about the literary devices because we're going to be looking at poetry soon. As a challenge Mrs Anderson asked us to create a DLO on the literary devices by only using google documents, I found the task hard since I'm used to creating google drawings. There are six different literary devices; Similes, Metaphors, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Hyperbole and Personification.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Kiwi Sport: Gymnastics

Yesterday at gymnastics LS2 was learning how to do dive rolls, to do that we needed to jump onto the mini-tramp and put our arms in front of ourselves to roll forward. The three circuits that we work through have different activities that require you to use different parts of your body. My favourite circuit is the spring circuit since there's a jump board and a spring pad in it.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Space Activity: Earth And Beyond

This week was the first week of our second rotation for Inquiry, LS1 and LS2 are joining together to learn more about space. We needed to use our prior knowledge about space to help us with our first activity which was a bus stop task that I worked together with Ong and Oscar to complete. After that we watched a video on space and the planets in our solar system, we learnt things like Neptune rains diamonds and Venus is the hottest planet.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Reading Responses


This term for reading we have been focusing on reading responses, our task was to create DLOs or complete activities and if we weren't the first person doing the activity, we were to comment and give feedback to someone before us based on what they'd done. The person that we'd commented on would then reply after reading our comment and start a dialogical conversation. A dialogic conversation is a talk between two parties that involved ideas or opinions, sometimes we had different opinions whilst in others we agreed on the topic. One of the tasks that I completed is a Venn Diagram that compares two articles, the other two are Kahoots on articles that I read. Our learning focus was space.