Friday, 25 May 2018

Animal Speeds/Life Spans

This last three weeks students have been missing quite a bit of work because we were usually out of school. During catch up time Jeremiah, Ofa and I worked together to create the task above. The task was based on two graphs, The average animal lifespan and the top speed of the animals. While doing this activity we learnt a lot of new things because most statements were true and only a few were false.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fence Posts Problem


Today during math time the task was to finish off any work that needed to be done (And blog it), I worked with Jeremiah to finish the problem. The equation was quite easy to figure out because all we needed to do was count the number of fences (7), the number of fence posts (8) and for every fence times 8 by 1 (Meaning, 8 x 1, 8 x 2 etc for every fence- which made us end up going to 8 x 7). After that we continued writing about how we solved the problem.

Salary Differences

For this task I worked with Jeremiah and together we attempted to figure the problem out, at first we were confused by the bonuses that we needed to add on every year and after that we were confused by the adding of the money, the person who made the most money in five years was Fraidoon.

Travelling Methods

Our set rich task was based on how students from primary and secondary students get to school in England.  The options were either: walking, taking the bus, driving, biking, taking the train, or other. The main transport for pupils from primary school is the car. Their are many answers that could be right but we think that parents are being protective and they do not trust the world or their kids. On the other hand secondary students most popular travel is the bus and the reason might be because parents trust their children because they are older and more trustworthy. Overall the most popular travel method is walking because it is more environmentally friendly, is good for physical and mental health, and kids can interact with their friends. After this, everyone was asked to do a survey about how Ms Kirkpatrick's math group gets to school. The most popular travel is car and then followed by walking. Car is probably more dominant because some students come from long distances and it is faster to get to school in a car. For this activity we showed our findings using a pie chart that is sorted by percentages. We then outlined the differences and similarities between the two charts. A percentage is an easy way to see the proportion of a whole. 

- Jeremiah worked on the blurb while I worked on the DLO and answering the paper questions.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Dialogued Text

This week during writing the task was to write out a fake text message strip and then create a text box with all of the writing dialogued in sequence without the fake text message website, creating this was slightly difficult because we weren't allowed to use the names of people in our class and we also needed to punctuate everything properly.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Yesterday during Kiwi Can we learnt more about integrity, good choices, bad choices and also played two games. To show integrity you need to do to right thing even when others aren't looking. The first game's name was CLAP! and for it we needed to clap our hands every time the instructors crossed their arms or clapped their hands, lots of people we caught out because the instructors stopped just before crossing their arms. For the other game we needed to be split up into two teams and in those teams we played hand soccer, the rules were: Only one hand at a time (We could swap though), you could only go when your number was called and no goalies.

Tech Reflection

Today during tech since I'd finished my creation the last week I was just finishing off my workbook, as well as changing it to be better detailed so that I could get better marks for my report. At first I needed to change the aspects of the workbook, next I changed the tools/techniques and after that I finished off the part where I wrote what I would do differently if I could. This was the second to last week of tech, so next week if I want to make a box to hold my creation then I'll need to hurry up because it takes 30 minutes to dry the glue.