Thursday, 30 November 2017


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Tables Test

This week for my other slot I chose to do tables test, for this you have to click the box with the correct answer to the equation written above. For every question box you answer correctly and depending on what level of difficulty and how long you took to answer it you are awarded a certain amount of points.

Free Rice

This week for my can do slot I chose to do free rice, for this website you have to answer questions on a variety of different subjects and for every question you answer correctly ten grains of rice are donated to fight world hunger. I answered thirty questions.

Newspaper Article Remake

LI: to use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.
This week for reading we had to replicate a newspaper article in our own words with any name for a newspaper as well as pictures if we wanted to. In our groups we had to choose a topic from Sports, International, National, Entertainment, Weather and another one that I forgot. I made my one on this article that I read saying that Australia is going to get a lot hotter. My topic that I chose was international.

Government Services Research

LI: To look at more than one information source when researching.

LI: To record facts in your own words
This week for inquiry we once again had to get into groups, find a pair in that group as well as choosing two of the six things available. For this week the topic was Government Services, the choices were Politicians, Councils, Mayors, Libraries, M.P.I (First slide will explain) and welfare. I partnered up with Karlos and together we did Politicians and M.I.P, we couldn't find any books in the library but we did find websites and facts that proved that the teacher facts were true.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Athletics Day

Today was Panmure Bridge School's annual athletics day, every year for one day the whole school gets to go outside and play all of these activities set up by teachers. There were 9 activities but I can only remember these ones: Egg and spoon race, long jump, basketball/netball shoot out and rob the nest. Before athletics day we were put in teams for our year groups, I was in team red and my team members were Aung Naing, Marieta and Joel. After every single activity was completed it was just in time for the lunch break, after the break everyone then had to go to the top field and the selected fast runners in year groups had to race each other for the inter school sprints. Next up, when every year group had raced and the top three had been selected the year 7 and 8's had to race the other genders of their year group as well as the other year group. They were doing that to see who could take the title of fastest runner in Panmure Bridge School.


This week for my commenting slot I commented on Jack's blog post, if you want to see his blog or his post that I commented on the links are: Blog Post Blog Link

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Free Rice

This week for my other slot I chose to do free rice, for this you have to answer questions on your chosen subject. With every question answered ten grains of rice are donated to fight world hunger, I answered 30 questions meaning that I donated 300 grains.

Tables Test

This week for my can do slot I chose to do tables test, for this website you have to click the correct box with an answer to the equation, with every box correct depending on what level and the amount of time it took for you answer it you get a certain amount of points.

Kiwi Can

This week at Kiwi Can we played two games and learnt about how we can be respectful when we communicate with others, out topic for this term is respect. For the first game that we played we had to walk around and when a number was called out we had to get into mini groups to try and put the called number of feet into the hula hoops. So to play the second one we had to get into groups and in those groups we had to try and tag another group by tapping them with a bean bag, it was the same thing just the other way around on other matches.

Kiwi Sport

This week at Kiwi Sport we learnt a new serving technique, played a warm up game, did rallies with the new serve and played a mini tournament. The warm up game was infinite tag, where you basically go around tagging everyone and if the person that you tagged has tagged someone else before that formerly tagged person could stand up and run around tagging other people. The new serving technique was the forehand serve where we had to: Hold the shuttlecock like a cup and put the racket in a forehand grip on our racket side. For the rallies I partnered up with Aung Naing and we managed to get ten, and finally for the tournament Aung Naing and I had 4 wins and 2 losses.

Maths Probability

LI: to compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey.
This week for maths we had to do a survey of everyone in the class, the surveys were on which number people chose, for me it was what number they chose from 1-8. After I'd asked everyone in the class to choose a number I wrote the results for every number down in my maths book. I surveyed 51 people in the class and 15 chose eight, 14 chose seven, 8 chose six, 7 chose five, 3 chose four, 1 chose three, 2 chose two and one person chose the number one. I then tested how many of each number I could get by rolling an eight sided die 50 times, the results were; 4 on one, 7 on two, 9 on three, 9 on four, 3 on five, 2 on six, 8 on 7 and 8 on eight. The percentage for a number to be chosen was 0.16%.

Making Connections Reading Strategy

LI: To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.
This week's task was like the last week's one, we once again had to try and explain our chosen strategy in further detail. This week I just added a couple more slides that try to explain the different types of connections that you can make.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire Station Visit

Today LS1 and LS2 went and visited the Mt Wellington Fire Station, the juniors are going tomorrow. LS1 went earlier and came back a little after lunch time while LS2 went after lunch time. When we were there we were told lots of things about the hoses, firetrucks and equipment by the firefighters. Four lucky people in LS1 were even allowed to spray one of the hoses! The firefighters then showed us another one and let Mr Ogilvie have at go at it too, after that they showed us their final one which was a water cannon. They then proceeded to spray the practice building but after a while they turned it towards us so... let's just say that we were slightly wet when we were walking back to school.

The lucky four who got to spray the hose.

Spare firetrucks in case of emergency.
Giant water cannon.

 Some of the equipment that they use.
More equipment.

Mr Ogilvie having a go at spraying the tower with the hose.

Even more equipment

Friday, 17 November 2017

Game Show Videos

LI to: convert the number of chances probability into the percentage of probability.
This week for maths we could get into partners or groups of three, in the groups or partners we had to create three game videos that had higher chances for one person and lower for the other. I grouped up with Jack and Julian, once we'd grouped up we then had to come up with an idea for our games that we would play. Our games took a long time to video and edit so we had to rush most of the scenes.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Speech Summary

This week for writing we had to get into our groups and choose which member was doing which speech out of ones said by: Nelson Mandela, Severn Suzuki, Malala Yousafzai, Matt Cutts, Graham Hill, Martin Luther King Jr and Emma Watson. I watched Emma Watson's speech about how in some places in the world women don't have the same rights as men, and how in some countries if they tried to go some places they would probably be killed. In my summary below I had a lot of space left over to I tried to make it look entertaining.

Police Visit

Today some policemen came and visited our school, some of them came in a helicopter while others came in police vehicles with dogs in the back. The first to arrive were the policemen in the helicopter and so before they left they told us some things about the helicopter and how it flies, they also told us about a camera that was on the helicopter which was worth 850,000 dollars. When the helicopter flew away the police officers in cars arrived soon later, they then brought out one of their dogs called Kahu. They also told us some facts but this time on Kahu, his owner and how police dogs start off. They even did a demonstration on how police dog commands work.

Kiwi Sport

This week at Kiwi Sport we learnt a new serve, did rallies and played stuck in the mud again. For the stuck in the mud game if you were tagged you then had to wait for someone to clap their hands together between your legs and smack you on the hand, most people were cheating and only clapped their hands together instead of doing both. The new serve was a backhand one, for it we had to pretend that the shuttlecock was a stinky sock so we pinched it and held it as far away from us as we could. When we'd done that we then had to hold our racket diagonally and our thumb had to be facing us. When we did the rallies we had to keep passing the shuttlecock back and forth for as long as we could.

Researching Occupations

This week for inquiry we were researching trades, we once again had to get into groups and then find partners. We could choose from public transport drivers, builders, electricians, plumbers, delivery drivers and food services. I partnered up with Mele and we chose to do delivery driver and plumber.


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This week at Kiwican we played two games and talked about people we should respect. For the first game we had to walk around and if either Knights, Gentlemen or Horses was called out was had to either; Go on our hands and knees while our partner put their hand on our shoulder (or vice versa), stand side by side with our arms on our sides or just act like we're horses that are galloping next to each other. Also, for our other game we were split into two teams, the team that I was in had to flip cones onto their backs while the other team had to do the opposite. In the two matches that we played each team won one.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Making Connections

LI to: Use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text
This week for reading it was the same task as last week, just so some people could finish theirs and others could go back and edit. So basically for this task we had to try and replicate a comprehension strategy modelling book, we all had to add in examples and explanatory paragraphs. I also added in a few pictures just to make it better to look at.

Free Rice

This week for my other slot I chose to do free rice, for this you have to answer questions on either vocabulary, algebra, famous places and much more. For every question answered ten grains of rice are donated to fight world hunger although that begs the question, if they have that much rice and food why are they waiting for school children and other people to answer questions just to give the food to those in need?

Tables Test

This week for my can do slot I chose to do level five on tables test, for this game you have to answer questions by clicking the right box that holds the correct answer. The higher the level you go the harder it is because there's more to choose meaning that you'll get mixed up.
(I forgot to take a screenshot of the whole thing)

Thursday, 9 November 2017


This week for my commenting must do I chose to comment on Jack's blog, the link to his blog and the blog post that I commented on will be below.
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Kiwi Sport

This week for Kiwi Sport we practised more of our backhand and forehand, did some passing and played infinite tag. With the practising we had to find a partner to throw a shuttlecock at five times and after that it was their turn to throw it at you to hit, for the passing we once again had to get into partners and this time we had to serve and whack the shuttlecock to each other. So finally (even though we did it at the beginning) for the infinite tag we had to run around tagging others but if we were tagged then we had to sit down and the people that we tagged got back up.
(No photos were taken)

Tables Test

This week for my other slot I chose to do tables test, for this you have to answer maths questions. To answer the questions you have to click the correct box with a number in it, there are also different difficulties so basically for every level higher up you go the boxes there are and the harder it is to find the right one. The questions are made up of the times tables from 1 - 12.

Free Rice

This week for my can do slot I chose to do free rice, for this you have to answer questions and for every question answered ten grains of rice are donated to fight world hunger. I managed to answer 50 questions.

Profession Reasearch

LI to: look at more than one information source when researching.
LI: To record facts in your own words
This week for inquiry we once again had to get into groups but this time we couldn't go with people we went with before. In my new group I chose to partner up with Aung Naing, once we'd figured out who was going to be our partner we then had to decide (in our groups) who was going to do which profession. Aung Naing and were chosen to do the pilot and business professions. So basically we then had to find out if the teacher fact was true, false or close to the truth and also two book facts that relate to the facts from the teacher and websites. We also had to find and attribute an image, write some questions we would ask someone who worked as that profession, answer some questions and find key words.

Making Connections Modelling Book

LI to: use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.
This week for writing Mr Ogilvies groups had to decide what reading strategy they would like to make a modelling book on, there was only one thing though, each group had to go in order of their members to choose a reading strategy and there were only a certain amount of people who could do each one. So basically because my group my group chose last we had the leftovers that nobody else wanted. I chose to do my modelling book on making connections, to make a connection properly you have to relate the text that you've read with another text, yourself and the world. For the task we also had to make connections with three books, one of them had to be a junior level, another had to be intermediate level and the final senior level. We also had to have two nonfiction and one fiction or two fiction and one nonfiction.
The Christmas tree and other things were just for fun and to make it look better then just some boring pieces of text.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Wheel Decide

LI to: learn about probability using the number of chances.
This week for maths we had to create a wheel on, for the wheels we had to create odds and see what we would get from the odds. We were able to do whatever we wanted with the wheel as long as we made sure that it had the right chances. For the first wheel we had to create a wheel with odds of 1/5 and for the second we had to make one with odds of 1/10.
I made the first wheel on the most frequently played games, and the choice that it spun to was Assassins Creed. The second one was household items, this one rolled onto desks. So then the last one which we could pick for ourselves but had to make sure that the odds were higher in one sides favour, I did it on candy and it rolled onto rock candy even though the odds were higher in chocolates favour.

1/10 chance one

3/5 chance one

1/5 chance one

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Guy Fawkes Firework Safety

On Friday LS1 had to go up to LS2 to learn about Guy Fawkes day, we learnt that there was a plot to blow up the houses of parliament with the parliament inside of them. Unfortunately for the plotters one of them told a member of parliament who was his cousin and so the cousin told the King, this then ended in the royal soldiers finding the explosives in a cellar underneath the houses, the plotters being brutally tortured and then killed. I was supposed to have had this done before Sunday but I had a busy weekend.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Lowest Common Multiple And Greatest Common Factor

LI: to practise finding the highest common factor and the lowest common multiple.
LI: to simplify fractions.
This week for maths we were learning about the lowest common multiple and the greatest common factor. We learnt that the lowest common multiple is the lowest number that both numbers of the equation have in their times table. The greatest common factor has to be the highest matching amount that you can get from multiplying two numbers and it's the opposite for the lowest common multiple.

Problem: show working
Answer in simplified fractions
Answer in mixed numerals
⅗ + 8/12. ⅗ + 8/12 = 36/60 + 40/60, 36/60 + 40/60 = 76/60, 76/60 ÷ 3 = 19/15.
1 & 4/15
5/7 + 6/8 = 40/56 + 42/56, 40/56 + 42/56 = 82/56, 82/56 ÷ 2 = 41/28.
1 & 13/28
2/4 + 7/10 = 20/40 + 28/40. 20/40 + 28/40 = 48/40, 48/40 ÷ 3 = 6/5.
1 & 1/6
⅓ + 6/9 = 9/27 + 18/27, 9/27 + 18/27 = 27/27. 27/27 ÷ 3 = 9/9.
1 whole
⅘ + ⅙ = 24/30 + 5/30, 24/30 + 5/30 = 29/30
29/30 (prime number)

5/8 + 5/16 = 80/128 + 40/128, 80/128 + 40/128 = 120/128. 120/128 ÷ 3 = 15/16.

5/9 + ⅓ = 15/27 + 9/27, 15/27 + 9/27 = 24/27. 24/27 ÷ 3 = 8/9.

4/12 + 6/18 = 72/216 + 72/216, 72/216 + 72/216 = 144/216. 144/216 ÷ 3 = 48/72

7/21 + 5/15 = 105/315 + 105/315, 105/315 + 105/315 = 210/315. 210/315 ÷ 3 = 70/105

6/18 + 24/32 = 192/576 + 432/576, 192/576 + 432/576 = 624/576. 624/576 ÷ 2 = 312/288
1 & 24/288
4/35 + 7/63 = 252/2205 + 245/2205, 252/2205 + 245/2205 = 497/2205. 497/2205 ÷ 7 = 71/315

9/18 + 3/12 = 108/216 + 54/216, 108/216 + 54/216 = 162/216. 162/216 ÷ 3 = 54/72.

43/100 + 28/50 = 2150/5000 + 2800/5000, 2150/5000 + 2800/5000 = 4950/5000. 4950/5000 ÷ 2 = 2475/2500

8/56 + 7/63 = 504/3528 + 392/3528, 504/3528 + 392/3528 = 896/3528. 896/3528 ÷ 4 = 224/882.

2/90 + 60/70 = 140/6300 + 5400/6300, 140/6300 + 5400/6300 = 5540/6300. 5540/6300 ÷ 4 = 1385/1575.

Answer in simplified fractions
Answer in mixed numerals
8/16 - 3/12 = 96/192 + 48/192, 96/192 + 48/192 = 144/192. 144/192 ÷ 2 = 72/96.

¾ - 4/7 = 21/28 - 16/28, 21/28 - 16/28 = 5/28.

6/9 - ⅓ = 18/27 - 9/27, 18/27 - 9/27 = 9/27. 9/27 ÷ 3  = 3/9.

21/30 - 6/15 = 315/450 - 180/450, 315 - 180 = 135/450. 135/450 ÷ 3 = 45/150.

14/49 - 4/28 = 392/1372 - 196/1372, 392/1372 - 196/1372 = 196/1372. 196/1372 ÷ 2 = 98/686.

32/64 - 2/8 = 256/512 - 128/512, 256/512 - 128/512 = 128/512. 128/512 ÷ 2 = 64/256.

6/10 - ⅖ = 30/50 - 20/50, 30/50 - 20/50 = 10/50. 10/50 ÷ 2 = 5/25.

18/20 - ⅗ = 90/100 - 60/100, 90/100 - 60/100 = 30/100. 30/100 ÷ 2 = 15/50.

16/40 - 2/20 = 320/800 - 80/800, 320/800 - 80/800 = 240/800. 240/800 ÷ 4 = 60/200.

80/100 - 30/60 = 4800/6000 - 3000/6000, 4800/6000 - 3000/6000 = 1800/6000. 1800/6000 ÷ 3 = 600/2000

21/30 - 4/15 = 315/450 - 120/450, 315/450 - 120/450 = 195/450. 195/450 ÷ 5 = 39/90

50/100 - 25/50 = 2500/5000 - 2500/5000, 2500/5000 - 2500/5000 = 0/5000.

7/10 - 600/1000 = 7000/10000 - 6000/10000, 7000/10000 - 6000/10000 = 1000/10000. 1000/10000 ÷ 5 = 200/2000.

49/63 - 3/21 = 1029/1323 - 189/1323, 1029/1323 - 189/1323 = 840/1323. 840/1323 ÷ 3 = 280/441.

4240/6000 - 2000/10000 = 42400000/60000000 - 12000000/60000000, 42400000/60000000 - 12000000/60000000 = 30400000/60000000. 30400000/60000000 ÷ 100 = 304/600.

Emergency services

This week for inquiry we had to first get into groups, in those groups we then had to pair up and in those pairs that were in our groups we then had to select two emergency services. The two my partner (Jack) and I chose were the police and the paramedics. In our pairs we also had to fill out a slideshow about the emergency services that we chose with information about the service. We also have to go back into our groups of six and share the information about the services that we chose.

QAR Questions

This week for reading people in groups had to get into pairs, in those pairs we then had to check another pairs' questions that we had to write last week on one of the texts that we read. There was one thing for my group though, we could choose to try and and either answer Mr Ogilvies questions or the other pairs' ones. Jack and I decided to try and answer Mr Ogilivies ones, his ones were quite confusing at times so Jack and I had to confer and try to decide what answer was better. We needed to wait for Mr Ogilvie to check the questions to see if we got them right or wrong. We also had a bet because the other pair also chose to answer Mr Ogilivies so the bet was that if we got more questions right we'd win but if they go more right they'd win, and the winner got chocolate fish.


Who is the NZRL players featured in the article?
  • Roger Tuivasa Sheck, Stacey Jones | Think And Search
How do you look after your well being? Are they similar to Roger?
  • Jack: I make sure to eat healthy, and drink lots of water, but I do still treat myself every once in awhile. What I do is similar to what Roger does, although he doesn’t like fast food and I do.
  • Alex: I drink a lot, eat a lot and exercise everyday. What I do similar to Roger is he makes sure that his body always gets its nutrients.
  • | Author and You (Because you have to read the text to see how Roger look after his well being).
What does Roger consider well being?
He considers that you drink a lot of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and stay around the outside of supermarkets. | Think and search (Because there are multiple things that he considers, and they aren’t in the same positions).
Where did Roger go to College?
  • He went to Otahuhu College | Right there (Because there was only 1 answer to this question, and it was in a position where you could point right at the answer).
How old was Roger when he started in the NRL?
  • 16 years old | Right there (Because there was only 1 answer to this question, and it was in a position where you could point right at the answer).
Would you like to play the game? Why?
  • Jack: Yes, because you encourage one-another, and the game sounds like a good source of exercise.
  • Alex: Yes, because I like running around, and this game includes a lot of it.
  • Author and you (Because you have to read the text, and read the rules to this game).
Do you think Roger is balanced with his Hauora?
  • Yes | Author and you
Do you think sports stars could do more to promote being healthy?
  • Jack: I think they could do a little bit more to promote it.
  • Alex: No | On my own
How did Rogers Family support him?
  • His family gave up their lives in New Zealand and moved to Australia just to support him. | Right there (Because the answer’s only in one spot)
What percentage of water is your body made up of?

  • The human body is 73% water, but in the text it says that it’s actually 70% | On my own (Because you can ask anyone the question even though an answer is in the text)


LI to: Revise recount writing.
This week for writing we had to create an exemplar to explain one of the seven rating aspects on the rubric, I chose to try and explain the vocabulary part of it. In the slide I did a very basic person because I didn't have much time to go detailed, I also added in two examples that might not be right but they're still the exact opposite of each other.
I did this by using the google slide shapes, a pre made picture and by also looking at a rubric to try and explain.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Kiwi sport

Today LS1 had Kiwi Sport, it was most whole class going at the same time because some others were at an inter school touch championship, once again Kevin taught us some new techniques and we had some more challenges but this time with a buddy. In our buddies we had to line up and try to pass the shuttlecock back and forth without letting it hit the floor, My partner and I managed to pass it back and forth thirteen times before it finally hit the floor.


This week for my commenting slot I chose to comment on Jack's blog, if you'd like to see his blog or the blog post that was commented on the links are below.
Blog & Post

Tables Test

This week for my other slot I chose to practice my times tables on a website called tables test, for it you have to press the button for the correct answer to the equation that pops up, the higher the level you select the more buttons there are making it confusing and the harder the times tables are. For every question answered you get points, the points also count on how long it took for you to answer the question. I managed to get two thousand and ten points, I'd say that it's pretty good but for some questions I just couldn't find the right button so it took me longer to answer them.