Friday, 19 May 2017

Raz Kids

My LI is to improve on my reading.
From this I learnt about a man called Robinson crusoe who was stranded on an island with no one else. He finds the ship he was on stuck on a huge rock island and swims over to it to see if he can salvage anything, he makes a boat from the wood and finds other things too (eg guns, gunpowder, clothes.) He then builds a little storage place with a tarpaulin to store things and after that he moves and builds a hut with big wooden walls around it somewhere else. After that the story that Raz kids has ends with him thinking about the shipwreck.
I learnt this by reading the story on Raz kids.

Recycling Games

My LI is to find out what the Zaballeen people have to do for a living.
My other LI is to see how some schools keep their schools clean.
From garbage dreams I learnt about the Zaballeen people and how they recycle rubbish to earn a living and what rubbish is polluted and why it's polluted for example paper that has been chucked in the same bin as food waste can't be recycled. As soon as paper touches messy foods (eg rotten tomatoes, greasy things) it gets contaminated. And from the other game where you have to catch the right rubbish in the right bin I learnt that some foods can’t go in the organics bin because they pollute it.
I learnt this by playing the games and reading the extra parts about the Zabelleen and also playing the other sorting rubbish game.

Character description

My LI’s are to write a character description and to investigate figurative language.
From this I learnt about Similes, Metaphors, Hyperboles and personification. You write a Simile when you compare something to something else using like or as, You write a metaphor when you compare something to something else without using like or as, You write a Hyperbole when you go over the top for example: My house is a million miles away, and personification is when you make a nonliving thing do something that only living things could do for example: As I stood on the stone it screamed in agony.

I learnt this by making my character description on one punch man using figurative and nonfigurative language.

Friday, 12 May 2017

LS1 sorting rubbish

The LI's for this are to learn about the amount of waste we create every week and to learn about the amount of each type of waste we produce.
From this I learnt that 20 people in our school were not putting their milk cartons in the correct bin, there's over 200 pieces of rubbish from all types (solid, recyclable and organic.) I also learnt that so much food was being wasted because people throw their sandwiches away, bite an apple but only eat a little bit before throwing it in the bin and people people wasting bananas by just throwing them in the bin when they haven't even been bitten. I learnt all of that because I was in the organic waste group so I saw all of the waste that came onto our sheet of plastic. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Inventors Duel

My LI's are to inference information using the QAR strategy, To identify the main parts of the story and to predict using pictures, titles etc. I learnt that Baron von spanner challenged Emma's grandpa to an inventors duel and he had once been the Grandpa's apprentice, Emma and her Grandfather must win the competition or else the Granddad won't be allowed to invent anymore! luckily the same rule applies to the Baron. I learnt this by reading the book and also predicting what was going to happen from the cover and pictures.


Friday, 5 May 2017

The Lorax

My LI is to identify responsibility causation and connection on the issue. For this I learnt that what happened to the animals in the forest that the Lorax protected may happen to us because in the book the animals are sent away by the Lorax to see if they can find a different paradise for their former forest got polluted by the waste, smoke and also because all of the truffula tree's were gone so there was no food to eat. I learnt all of this by listening to the book being read by Mr Wong to the class and talking to a partner about the causation, responsibility and what the change was and what it could be.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Story Web Template

My LI’s are to: inference information using QAR strategy, Identify the main part of the story and predict using pictures, titles etc. For this I learnt how to explain the story that I just read and write down its orientation including four events from it. I also learnt what resolution means, it’s like the solution but it explains a bit more.

I learnt this by being taught by the teacher and reading the story properly to find the locations, character’s and the time.

QAR Template

My LI’s are to: inference information using QAR strategy, Identify the main part of the story and predict using pictures, titles etc. I learnt how to write the four different types of questions there are the Right there questions, The think and search questions, The author and me questions and the On my own questions. The right there questions and the think and search questions answers are in the text, While the author and me questions and the on my own questions are from you prior knowledge. An on my own question is a question that you can ask anyone even if they haven’t read the story.
I learnt how to write the questions by reading some examples and being explained to by the teacher.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Story Web

My LI is to Identify the parts of a narrative. I learnt how to write the orientation, problem and the resolution. I learnt that by reading the story and looking at pictures to see any hints of what was happening.