Monday, 10 July 2017

Holiday reading challenge day 7 bonus activity

For this activity I had to write down a description of what I did or make a video about it.

From this trip I have learnt about people's efforts to save whales, Things about islands, Auckland's main tourist spots etc. I liked many things about this trip: learning about culture, creating things, writing a poem and a story and much much more. Some things surprised me, for example the huge amount of whales being beached and the fact that people plan to get rid of all of the Possum's in New Zealand by 2050.


  1. Hi Alex
    Great job Alex great blurb. I really like how you explained what you did.

  2. Hello Alex, it looks like you had a lot fun and have been learning lots of new things. Amazing job. What was you favourite activity to do?

  3. Hello Alex.
    Your Winter Learning Journey explanation is quite descriptive with what activities you did. I've just finished my last Winter Learning Journey activity, and it would be amazing if you ever get the chance of checking it out. I hope you had tons of fun doing this all, I know I sure did, and i'll see you some time later.

    - Jack

  4. Hello Alex,
    First I would love to say that you have been putting a lot of effort to your Winter Learning Journey activities. A really great blurb to hear about what you love and stuff.

  5. Hey Alex,
    It seems you have had a great time in the Winter Learning Journey. It's great that were getting rid of the possums by 2050. I think you have learnt a lot and know lots about New Zealand!

  6. Hi Alex. I like how you have explained what you had to do for this activity. You have a few punctuation mistakes. Other than that you did great.

  7. Kia ora Alex,

    It is awesome to see that you have made it all the way through the Winter Learning Journey programme. Congratulations!!! I'm thrilled to see that you have learned so much about New Zealand and been surprised along the way.

    I have to admit that I still get surprised by the things that I learn on a really regular basis. It's the beauty of being a student - you are constantly exposed to new ideas, new information and new ways of thinking about the world. I hope that you'll continue to push the boundaries of your learning and continue to be such an awesome blogger. It is, as always, a pleasure to have you blogging with us this year.

    Rachel :)

  8. Hey Alex
    Great job on completing all the winter learning journey activities. I learnt a lot from you about animals - native or pests and much more. Keep up the good work.