Saturday, 8 July 2017

Holiday reading challenge day 2 Bonus activity

For this activity I had to interview my family members about their 5 favourite things they like to do outdoors.
I chose to interview my brother Daniel.

1. Handball
2. Basketball
3. Swimming
4. Soccer
5. Going on the trampoline


  1. Guten Tag Alex,
    I decided to interview my Mother. I love doing everything that Daniel loves doing. Your blurb tells me that you had to interview one of your family about heir 5 favorite things they link to do outdoors.
    Good Alex.

  2. Hi Alex. I really like your blogpost. I like how you have added what you had to do for this activity. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey Alex
    Great job on this activity. I love to do all those things but handball and soccer are definitely my favorite. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Hello Alex, I like how you have written what you had to do to complete this activity. Like Daniel I also like to play basketball and handball. Keep on working hard and I can't wait to see more posts.

  5. Hi Alex,

    It's really interesting to see that Daniel also loves to play a range of sports including handball, basketball and soccer. Do you also enjoy these sports? I do! I think that my favourite sport on the list is basketball. I try to get outside and shoot hoops with Aronui almost every day. Do you and Daniel ever shoot hoops together?

    Bye for now,

    Rachel :)