Saturday, 8 July 2017

Holiday reading challenge day 1 bonus activity

For this activity I had to design a new flag for New Zealand.

I used the Kiwi's because the Kiwi is one of New Zealand's native animals, I used the green background because New Zealand is a very green country and I also used the blue because New Zealand is surrounded by water.


  1. Hi Alex,I've done the same task as you. I love the website you have used. What does the colours symbolise. By the way I love the flag you have designed and the kiwi you've drawed/found.
    Wonder full work

  2. Hi Alex. I really like your flag. Did you know if you had explained what each symbol represented you would have got full points for this bonus activity. Anyways, great blogpost.

  3. Hey Alex
    The flag you created looks great. I like how you added kiwi's to your flag, as that is what New Zealander's are also called. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Alex, your flag looks extraordinary. I like how you have explained what each part of your flag represents. I like how you have added kiwi's to your flag. Keep up the marvellous work.