Friday, 7 July 2017

Tamaki Wrap

LI to understand what plastic bags can do to a natural environment.
Today LS1 went to the hall and were taught about rubbish by the Tamaki Wrap group. First we had to get into groups of four since there were four stations. After that we had to go to a station, the station my group went to first was station one. On station one we had to find and cut out pictures of nature, when we’d cut them out we then had to glue them onto a sheet of paper. Next we went to station two, at station two the group before us was trying to replicate a football field because one week of Auckland’s rubbish can fill a whole field up. Sadly we couldn’t replicate the field because there weren’t enough green pieces of rubbish. The next station we had to go to was the turtle station where the lady there told us about how turtles think plastic bags are jellyfish and try to eat them but the turtles choke on the plastic so they die. After that station we went to the last one which we learnt about some countries that have either put a cost on plastic bags or banned them.
We did this by using glue to stick pictures onto the sheets and we also watched a movie about what plastic bags do to animals and what they’re made of.

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