Friday, 30 June 2017

Illustration of narrative story

LI to proofread and edit

LI to Illustrate the narrative
For this task I had to illustrate the main events of my story. The things I illustrated were the events, The problem, The solution and the ending.
I used shapes and my ready made setting pieces to illustrate the parts of my story.

Questioning the characters

LI to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts.

For this activity I buddy upped with Jack and made 5 questions I could ask of every main character that hadn’t been told in the book. Once I finished the questions with Jack we then made pictures of the characters excluding Mrs Clipstone.

We looked through the book to see if the questions we made were answered and we used shapes and the curve tool to make the people and items.

Measuring Using Protractor

LI to understand measuring with a protractor and be able to do it.
For this maths task I had to measure the amount of degrees that were in a pie fraction with a buddy from the opposite teacher’s groups. I chose Alice to be my buddy. Once we made a group I made the slide and she got the first fraction. I wrote what we did down and sometimes set the protractor in the right place and she took photos of the fractions with the protractor on them.
I had to line the 0 up with the side of the fraction and put the hole on the protractor on the edge or corner.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Technological Pieces and Systems

LI to identify and adapt a piece of technology

For this I had to go into group of three people, I went into a group with Jack and Julian. Once we’d made a group we then had to think of three things that were either technological systems or technological pieces that were in your house or school, community or in the world. We then had to do B.R.A.I.N (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Initiatives and Next/Nothing), for benefits we had to think of all of the advantages that came with that piece of technology or technological system. For risks we had to think of everything that could cause injury from the item we chose. For alternatives we then had to think of some things that would do the same thing as the item we chose. For initiatives we had to think of all of the change we could make to the item. For next or nothing we had to decide if we could change the item or if we couldn’t.

I did this by choosing three items with my group and thinking of all of the things we could write down for B.R.A.I.N. I also used the google shapes to create the pictures of the system and pieces.

Blog comment

LI to write a smart comment on other people’s blogs.

LI to comment on other schools blog posts.
For this I had to comment on two people’s blogs, one from Tamaki Primary School Room 10 and one from LS2. I chose Taylor from T.P.S and Daniel from LS2. For my comments I had to include questions, a greeting and encouragement. I also had to make sure that I didn’t misspell a word in my comment or used bad punctuation. Once I finished my comment I then had to proofread it before I took it to Mr Wong for the final check.
I did this by reading the person’s blogpost so I knew what the post was about, also to make sure I wasn’t lying and making a bad comment because I didn’t know what the post was about.

Danny The Champion Of The World - Newspaper Article

LI to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts.

For this I had to read the chapters that I needed to read from the book Danny The Champion of the world, and create a front page for a newspaper with something related to what happens in the book. Once I’d finished reading the chapters of the story that I needed to read (10 - 14). I then wrote the front page of the newspaper that I could make up. when I wrote my wrote my fake newspaper article I used my knowledge from the latest
When I wrote my wrote my fake newspaper article I used my knowledge from the latest chapters and used google shapes to create the pictures.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Length of time to run distances

LI: to identify the units of time in order from shortest to longest, and to learn how to measure time.
For this my group (Delta) and I had to record the amount of time it took for us to run from one distance to the next. We could choose where we could run from one place to another, Delta chose three places to run even though we were supposed to only do two.
We did all of that by using place value and simple addition to work the answer out and by running as fast as we could to get the best time that we could get. For the hall the total amount of time that it would take us was 21.6 seconds because we added everyone’s time up into one big number, that also means 30.83 seconds for the netball court and 60.07 seconds for the field beside the netball court. We also added every person’s time together so they could know their total, The fastest runner was Julian. 


4.14 sec
4.60 sec
3.59 sec
4.2 sec
5.25 sec
Netball court
6.04 sec
6.55 sec
5.72 sec
6.19 sec
6.33 sec

11.33 sec
12.60 sec
11.38 sec
12.19 sec
12.57 sec

Total: Hall
21.6 sec

Total: Court
30.83 sec

Total: Field
60.07 sec

Total Time Per Person
21.51 sec
23.75 sec
20.69 sec
22.58 sec
24.15 sec

Writing Commenting

 My LI is to write a narrative and to buddy conference to edit and check writing.
For this I had to choose a person in my writing group, once I’d found a buddy I then had to share my writing to her and she shared hers to me. After we’d shared our work to each other we then checked each other’s work. If you look down below you’ll see all of the suggestions I made to her, and if you check her blog you might find the suggestions she made to my work. Once we’d checked everything and suggested all we could we had to take a screenshot of the suggestions and blog them.
I did this by reading through her work, finding mistakes and highlighting them pressing the comment button and typing out what I wanted to suggest.

Danny the champion of the world - Research the author

My LI is to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts

For this I could partner up with someone in my group, I partnered up with Jack. Once Jack and I had partnered up we started on the google slide. First we drew pictures from books that Roald dahl has written, for that we used google shapes and the line and curve tools. We drew pictures of the BFG, Danny from Danny the champion of the world and Gremlins. After that we put information in, we put information about Roald Dahl’s children's books, what he did in the war and who he is.

We did this by using google shapes for the characters, researching Roald Dahl and finding all of the names for the books.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Danny the champion of the world character description

My LI is to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts.
For this I had to make a picture of Danny using images from the book and then describe it. I used figurative language to describe the clothes he is wearing and literal language to describe Danny himself.
I used google drawing shapes to make it look like the picture of Danny on the front and changed his clothes to the same colour of the picture on the back.

Compare and Contrast

My LI is to compare a piece of technology to a technological system.
In this we had to partner up with someone in our group. For this we had to make a list of all the things in the classroom that were pieces of technology or technological systems. After we’d thought of all of the things could’ve we chose one system and one piece of technology to compare to each other. We had to write the similarities and the differences.
We did this by looking around the classroom to find systems and pieces of technology. And by thinking of all of the differences and similarities between the two objects.

Narrative Writing - Hook

My LI is to plan a narrative

For this I had to write a hook for my story, Writing it was fairly easy because I’d already planned my narrative. I chose to take a part from my story and make that my hook so people would wonder what had happened and why. My hook is the problem for my story, so for my story I started off from the future and went back to the present only to catch up to the hook later on in the story.
I did this by planning my narrative first and then I used an idea that I had in my head for the hook.

SHRIEK! Jill’s scream cut through the air as she held her dying brother in her arms. His blood seeped through her clothes. She couldn’t feel that, all she could feel was the burning hate and the lust for revenge.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Measuring volume of a liquid container

My LI is to learn how to measure liquid volume
From this I learnt about converting mL in cm3 and how many mLs were in one litre. With the converting I learnt that 1 mL is equivalent to 1 cm3 so for example that means that if you had 2547 mLs you would also have 2547 centimeters cubed or cm3. And with finding out how many mL’s were in one litre I learnt that just one litre is one thousand mL’s.
I did this by attributing the images, converting the litres into millilitres and millilitres into centimeters cubed and finding the amount of liquid volume that each container/bottle could hold.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pieces of technology and technological systems

My LI is to define pieces of technology & to define a technological system.

For this I had to pair up with someone in my group that was chosen, we then had to sort a document filled with pictures of technological systems and technological pieces. Once we’d sorted the pictures we then had to write a definition for the systems and pieces, we also had to find an example for the two of them and explain why they were that type of technology.
We did this by reading the explanations of a piece of technology and a technological system, we then used our knowledge of the differences between the two types to sort the pictures out.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Measuring 3D rectangles in the class

My LI is to find and measure volume

For this I had to go around the class finding four 3D rectangles to measure, I found the volume of those shapes by measuring the height, width and the depth. Once I finished measuring the height, width and the depth I had to times the three of them by each other to find the volume.
I did that by using the meter ruler and a 30 centimeter ruler, I also used online calculators because he numbers were really big. We also had to include a picture of what we’d measured, we could also make the thing we measured with google shapes.

Setting description - Danny the champion of the world

My LI is to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts
For this I had to read a part of Danny the champion of the world to see what the gypsy caravan looked like and to also find a quote in the book about the setting I did.  After I found what the caravan looked like I then set about making it with a google drawing, and because the old apple tree is next to the caravan in the book I also put the tree next to the caravan in the picture.
To make the caravan I had to use a google shapes and the scribble tool for the patterns, I also used the curve tool to make mold on the wheels.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Narrative planner

My LI is to plan a narrative
For this I had to write the events, the problem and the solution. For the events I had to write down all of the main events and how they happened. For the problem I had to elaborate on how Jack died and for the solution I also had to elaborate on how the monster was killed. I’d already done my character descriptions so writing this was far easier.
I did this by writing about what Jack and Jill were doing before the problem and what Jill was doing after the problem and what the monster did in the story.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Narrative plan and character descriptions

My LI is to plan narrative
For this we had to plan a narrative about Jack, Jill, and a monster (we could add more characters if we wanted to.) Once we were done with the planning we had to create a character and setting descriptions on  the things we chose to add in our story, I did character descriptions of Jack, Jill and Steve the monster bat. I also did setting descriptions of a house, a basement and a swamp.
I did this by using the google drawing tools to make a character or a setting description.

Maths measurement with Area

My LI is to identify the area of a rectangle and to measure it.
I learnt about Area, The Area of something is the amount of space inside of the perimeter (edges, outline, boundary). For the task we had to draw multiple playgrounds of different sizes and then we had to give them to a partner to measure the amount of squares inside the perimeter. We found the total amount of squares in the area by adding the width and the height together.
I learnt this by measuring the area of Jack’s playgrounds and writing them down on my maths book, Adding the Height and Width and creating the playgrounds with squares and rectangles.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

P.O.V chart and M.C chart

My LI is to make connections and synthesis
From these I learnt about point of views of characters in a story, the story point of view chart on was the Lorax and I found that some characters changed their point of view and some didn’t. And I also used my prior knowledge to make connections between myself and the story, another story and the one I’m making the connections on and between the story and the world.
I learnt this by filling in the point of views of the animals in the Lorax, I learnt that the Lorax’s point of view never changed whilst the animals and the once-ler’s point of views did change.