Friday, 28 July 2017

Keep Safe Poster

LI to make safe decisions.

For this activity I had to find a partner, once I’d found a partner I then had to create a google drawing for the poster. We then had to write down ways to stay safe online and then shorten it as much as we could. Once we’d done that we made pictures and got a picture off of the internet that was labeled for reuse.

We made the poster by using google shapes for two of the pictures and word art for the title.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Raz kids

For this I had to read a book and then answer questions about it to get points, and with the points you can buy new things in the shop to put on your robot or new characters and furniture for your spaceship.
I did this by reading the story properly to remember the information for answering the questions.
My robot looks like this

Word Art

LI to show what we already know about the purpose and language of advertising.
For this activity I had to write down twenty words related to advertising. We had to do that on or some other website. I chose to make the words form a brain because if you want to persuade someone you need to make a speech or do something that changes their mind, and for that you have to use your brain to think ways up.
I did this by writing down 20 words, changing the size and colour of them and also changing the font and shape that they were in.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

KiwiCan emotions activity

Today group B had KiwiCan with Mr Malu, our focus this term is emotions. We did two activities, they were emotion statues and musical emotions. For musical emotions we were put into four groups and then one group would be told an emotion which they then had to act out while playing an instrument. Group one did sad, group two did crazy, group three did angry and group four did heartbroken even though being heartbroken goes under being sad. For emotion statues we had to take a partner, we then had to decide who would be the “Creator” the person who moved the other person to make the emotion.
Sad ballerina
Crazy band

3D Shape Research And Measurement

LI to learn about 3 dimensional shapes’ names and their properties.
For this I had to select two three dimensional shapes and answer some questions about them, for example we had to write down how many sides/faces it had.
I did this by researching about the shapes and then measuring them.

Main Idea Summary Frame - Duck Overboard

LI to identify main ideas in a text.
For this I had to read two texts: Text 1 Text 2 and then watch a Youtube video about how thousands of rubber ducks were lost overboard when the cargo ship that they were in was caught in a storm. Since then the rubber ducks have travelled far and wide going to Australia, Scotland, Alaska, USA and even Antarctica.
I learnt this by reading the texts and watching the video.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Holiday reading challenge day 7 bonus activity

For this activity I had to write down a description of what I did or make a video about it.

From this trip I have learnt about people's efforts to save whales, Things about islands, Auckland's main tourist spots etc. I liked many things about this trip: learning about culture, creating things, writing a poem and a story and much much more. Some things surprised me, for example the huge amount of whales being beached and the fact that people plan to get rid of all of the Possum's in New Zealand by 2050.

Holiday reading challenge day 7 activity 2

For this activity I had to take a picture of myself doing something relaxing.
For this activity I chose to take a picture of myself sleeping.

Holiday reading challenge day 7 activity 1

For this activity I had to think up three ways that could keep New Zealand clean.

1. Rubbish bins in lots of places
2. Groups of people going around picking up rubbish
3. People going around with bags for rubbish

Holiday reading challenge day 6 bonus actvity

For this activity I had to rate three Haka videos from the best and the worst.

1. Best
2. 2nd best
3. 3rd

Holiday reading challenge day 6 activity 2

For this activity I had to write down any three events happening in the Matariki festival at Te Papa.

1. Create a balloon sculpture
2. See a play
3. Ukulele playing

Holiday reading challenge day 6 activity 1

For this activity I had to pretend I was one in the first waka to land in New Zealand and I had to write a poem to describe how I felt when I got there.

We ran around and found food to eat
After we ate we went hunting for meat
Killing some Moa and eating their meat
After we did that we went to sleep

Holiday reading challenge day 5 bonus activity

For this activity I had to say whether or not I would want to cycle the Otago Rail Trail one day and why.

I think I would cycle the rail trail because it would be good exercise and it does sound kind of fun just racing other people to see who can get to the end first.

Holiday reading challenge day 5 Activity 2

For this activity I had to research a famous person from New Zealand and create a DLO about them.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Holiday reading challenge day 5 Activity 1

For this activity I had to write 8-10 sentences about what I would do and feel if I got stuck in the park and couldn't get out.

As I turned around to show the other's in the tour the tree I'd found I realised they'd gone without me! I quickly panicked and called out for help, but as I waited for what seemed to be an eternity nobody came. Once I'd realised that no help was coming until at least the morning I curled up into a ball and used my bag as a pillow. As much as I tried I couldn't get any sleep when I was close to dozing off I always heard something spooky which forced me to awaken. After at least the fifth time of that happening I gave up trying to sleep and climbed up a tree to occupy myself while I tried to think of a way to get back to civilisation. I found myself a good spot in tree with strong branches around me so I couldn't fall out if I fell asleep, it was there that I sat until the weariness go to me and I dozed off. When I awoke I heard voices calling my name I also heard the chirping of the birds and the warm light of the sun on my back, I quickly shouted 'I'm here!' and heard footsteps rushing towards me. The first person to see me was Curious Kiwi and as he called to the others to help them find us I quickly picked my bag up and climbed down the tree.

Holiday reading challenge day 4 Bonus activity

For this activity I had to say if I thought that people should be allowed to fish inside of Farewell Spit because Hector's Dolphins get caught in fishing nets and die.

I think that people should be allowed to fish in Farewell Spit but they should always make sure they have no dolphins in their nets by putting a camera or something to watch the net.

Holiday reading challenge day 4 activity 2

For this activity I had to look at the trailers of a movie called Whale Rider and once I'd done that I then had to rate the movie out five as well as saying what it was about.

Whale rider is about a girl called Paikea who is mistreated because of her gender and she isn't allowed ot do the things boys can do.
I rate the movie 3/5

Holiday reading challenge day 4 activity 1

For this activity I had to describe what local people did to save beached whale at Farewell Spit

The local people near the Farewell Spit beach tried their best to keep the whales alive but most still died. The locals filled buckets of water and poured them onto the whales, put wet towels onto the whales and tried to comfort them while they lay there.

Holiday reading challenge day 3 activity 2

For this activity I had to say whether or not I think that New Zealand should be Possum free and why.

I think that Possum's should be taken out of New Zealand because they: Kill baby birds, kill other small animals, steal food from the native animals and steal eggs from bird nests.

Holiday reading challenge day 3 activity 1

For this activity I had to pretend to adopt an animal and I also had to write a bit about it.

I chose to adopt a Kea here are some facts about it.
A Kea is a bird species. It is a omnivore but its main diet consists of roots, berries, leaves, nectar and insects. They mainly live in the forested and alpine regions of the south island.

Holiday reading challenge day 2 Bonus activity

For this activity I had to interview my family members about their 5 favourite things they like to do outdoors.
I chose to interview my brother Daniel.

1. Handball
2. Basketball
3. Swimming
4. Soccer
5. Going on the trampoline

Holiday reading challenge day 2 activity 2

For this activity I had to write down five questions I would ask to a girl called Lauren Dekker who sailed around the world solo.

1. Were you ever homesick?
2. How long did it take to go around the world?
3. How did you feel when you arrived back home?
4. What did your parents say when you arrived?
5. Do you encourage other's to do the same as you?

Holiday reading challenge day 2 activity 1

For this activity I had to pretend I went to Tane Mahuta, Karekare Beach and Rangitoto island I then had to write about which one I like the most and why.

I liked Rangitoto the best because it was interesting to know that it emerged from the sea 600 years ago and that it is the youngest volcano in New Zealand as well as the fact that it has no pests.

Holiday reading challenge day 1 bonus activity

For this activity I had to design a new flag for New Zealand.

I used the Kiwi's because the Kiwi is one of New Zealand's native animals, I used the green background because New Zealand is a very green country and I also used the blue because New Zealand is surrounded by water.

Holiday reading challenge day 1 activity 2

For this activity I had to watch a tourist video about Auckland and then list my favourite five activities from the video.

1. Go to Kelly Tarltons
2. Going to the mission bay beach
3. Ferry trip
4. Piha beach
5. Go to the Auckland war memorial

Holiday reading challenge day 1 activity 1

For this activity I had to find facts about New Zealand and blog about the most interesting three.

1. Today of the 4.4 million people in New Zealand 69 percent are of European decent, 14.6 are Maori, 9.2 are are Asian and 6.9 are pacific islanders.
2. Geographically over three quarters of the people in New Zealand live in the north island.
3. Rugby is the most popular spectating sport in New Zealand.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Maths weight measurement

LI to measure our weight using a scale
For this activity I had to create a google spreadsheet and I also had to write down the name of everyone who is in Mr Wong’s math groups excluding Victoria who was not there on the day. When everyone’s weight was recorded I shared it to all of the people and they all made a copy of the sheet.
Everyone then went onto a scale and recorded their weight next to their name on the google sheet. After that I made a copy and shared that with Jack, Julian and Aung Naing, we then had to compare people’s weight to different objects or life forms to see how close we could get to the weight of the things we chose.
I did this by looking around the room to see who was in the groups, remembering their names and researching the weight of the object or life form.

Front and Back cover for narrative

LI to proofread and edit
LI to Illustrate the narrative
For this activity I had to design a front cover and a back cover for my narrative. I decided to use my narrative hook on the back cover, I also used my ready made characters to create a picture on the front and back cover.
I did this by already making my characters, making trees and other things with google shapes and also by thinking up the way I was going to them look like.

SHRIEK! Jill’s scream cut through the air as she held her dying brother in her arms. His blood seeped through her clothes. She couldn’t feel that, all she could feel was the burning hate and the lust for revenge.

Chapter 1 - Halloween, the night of horror
It was a dark Halloween night and the full moon was shining brightly,   two siblings Jack and Jill were dressed as elves. ‘Aww come on, just a little bit?’ Jill’s twin brother begged ‘No! You’ve your own candy this is mine!’ Jill snapped ‘But I ate it all’ Jack protested, Jill sighed and handed her brother the bucket of her candy. ‘Thvrghs!’ Jack replied cheerfully already having a handful of candy in his mouth, but quickly swallowed the candy as Jill gave him a look of disgust.
Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.48.12 AM.png

Chapter 2 - The Monster
The two siblings then started to walk home. But as soon as they were in their block of houses they heard some strange noises, coming straight from a nearby bunch of bushes. Jill tapped Jack on the shoulder and signalled for him to follow quietly, but as they found the source of the sound it turned out to be a squirrel so they started to walk back home. As soon as they got onto the street they heard an anguished cry of pain so they ran back only to find the squirrel dead and a beast tearing into its organs with razor sharp teeth, Jack and Jill were horrified and Jack threw up. At the sound of the siblings the monster turned around and they saw that it was a Bat. ‘Run!’ Jill screamed at Jack as the Bat started to fly their way. They both then sprinted home with the Bat close behind them, they barely made it through the door because Jill had to find the keys under a stone.
‘What kind of a bat is that?’ Jack asked curiously ‘I don’t know but if it can do that to animals it’ll probably kill us too’ Jill replied, ‘We should kill it right? It’ll hurt people’ Jack said Jill then replied ‘Ok fine but don’t say I didn’t warn you’.
Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 10.16.08 AM.png

Chapter 3 - The hunters or the hunted?
The siblings quickly changed and went to the basement where Jack got his slingshot and two pocketfuls of sharp pebbles, while Jill picked her paintball gun and four clips of ammunition up. The two of them then peered through the front window and spotted the Bat flying towards the swamp in the moonlight. They both quickly burst out of the door and ran towards the swamp making sure they hid under foliage whenever they could. Around ten minutes later they’d found where the Bat had landed, in a semicircle of trees. As they walked in Jack got some very bad vibes from the place and as he turned and started to tell his sister ‘Hey sis I’m gettin-’ SHINK went the cold metallic sound as the sword pierced his heart. Jill immediately ran to her brother but it was too late, he was dying and Jill overcome with grief screamed ‘SHRIEK!’ Jill’s scream cut through the air as she held her dying brother in her arms. His blood seeped through her clothes. She couldn’t feel that, all she could feel was the burning hate and the lust for revenge. She then slowly rose up from the ground and retrieved the sword from Jack’s body, her eyes turned blood red when she heard the Bat cackling away. She then picked Jack’s slingshot, a dozen pebbles and her paintball gun off of the ground. As the sounds of laughing got fainter she sprinted after them with a rage fueled adrenaline. In less than 15 seconds she had caught up to the Bat which was gliding slowly. She then quickly pulled her paintball gun out and ran ahead of the Bat. Jill quickly did a 180 degrees turn and shot the Bat in the eyes, temporarily blinding him and while he was thrashing around she shot him in the head with a sharp pebble from the slingshot.
Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.48.27 AM.png
Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.48.39 AM.png

Chapter 4 - Reincarnation
As the Bat died the moon shone over its body and Jill also heard the striking of the big clock, signalling midnight. It was either the moon, the fact it was midnight, or halloween, as within an instance Jack’s soul burst from the Bat’s body and angelic light covered the whole swamp, and as the soul rose upwards Jill thought her brother was going to heaven. Sadly not she thought as Jack’s soul cheekily turned and floated towards his body while poking his tongue at Jill. Jill rolled her eyes but hastily followed and was full of happiness when she reached the spot where Jack had died. For there he was smiling at her without a single cut and all of the blood seemed to have evaporated, even the blood that was on Jill. ‘Well what are you staring at?’ Jack said ‘You’re alive?’ came the reply from Jill as she burst into tears. ‘Aw come on sis don’t tell you that you don’t want to say “I told you so” to me right?’ Jack said teasingly ’well then if you insist, I told you so!’ Jill replied laughing. ‘Ok come on let’s go home’ Jack said ‘Now that you mention it I am pretty tired’ Jill admitted and with that the two of them walked home, also from that day on they didn’t go trick or treating ever again.Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.48.54 AM.png

Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.49.08 AM.png

Tamaki Wrap

LI to understand what plastic bags can do to a natural environment.
Today LS1 went to the hall and were taught about rubbish by the Tamaki Wrap group. First we had to get into groups of four since there were four stations. After that we had to go to a station, the station my group went to first was station one. On station one we had to find and cut out pictures of nature, when we’d cut them out we then had to glue them onto a sheet of paper. Next we went to station two, at station two the group before us was trying to replicate a football field because one week of Auckland’s rubbish can fill a whole field up. Sadly we couldn’t replicate the field because there weren’t enough green pieces of rubbish. The next station we had to go to was the turtle station where the lady there told us about how turtles think plastic bags are jellyfish and try to eat them but the turtles choke on the plastic so they die. After that station we went to the last one which we learnt about some countries that have either put a cost on plastic bags or banned them.
We did this by using glue to stick pictures onto the sheets and we also watched a movie about what plastic bags do to animals and what they’re made of.

Celebrations around the world

LI to develop an understanding of the different elements of Matariki
LI to make text to text, text to world and text to self connections
For this activity I had to research different celebrations around the world. I researched celebrations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and Australasia. For Africa I chose to research a celebration called Gerewol, for Americas I researched thanksgiving, for Asia I researched Chinese new year, for Australasia I researched Christmas and for Europe I researched Easter.
I did this by using different websites to confirm information, google shapes and the curve tool to make the pictures.