Monday, 10 July 2017

Holiday reading challenge day 5 bonus activity

For this activity I had to say whether or not I would want to cycle the Otago Rail Trail one day and why.

I think I would cycle the rail trail because it would be good exercise and it does sound kind of fun just racing other people to see who can get to the end first.


  1. Hi Alex,
    At the moment I am blog commenting on all of your activities. I agree with you like I agree with others. The Otago Rail Trail would be good to join.
    Keep it up.

  2. Hi Alex. I really like your blogpost. I would also like to cycle there. It would be really good exercise. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey Alex
    I would also like to cycle the Otago trail. It definitely would be fun racing other people. Keep up the superb work.

  4. Hello Alex, I also would like to go to the Otago Rail Trail because it sounds like a lot of fun and I like to ride my bike. I agree with you and it would be a good exercise. Did you know that the Otago Rail Trail is 150kms long?