Friday, 13 April 2018

Tech Reflection

This week in tech for pewter casting the only task was to finish off sanding the castings, I started off the class using the 400 grit but when it ended I'd made it to 1200 grit. To sand the designs properly we needed to rub the sanding paper onto the edges and the sides a lot to make them feel soft, for every stage of sanding before you could advance into the next one you needed to show your work to Mr Grundy so that he could check it. If he thought that you'd done a good enough job he'd give you a better piece of sanding paper, and then the sequence would repeat. The final stage of sanding is the 1200 grit piece with water, after that a liquid is wiped onto the design which makes it look shiny.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Winter Olympics

Only three people have won a medal in the Winter Olympics for New Zealand, they are: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (Bronze), Nico Porteous (Bronze) and Annelise Coberger who won a silver medal. Nico Porteous won his bronze medal in freestyle skiing, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott won her bronze medal in snowboarding and Annelise Coberger won her silver medal in Women’s alpine skiing.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Maori Contingent Research

This week in reading the task was to first get into our selected group as well as read and summarise the text given, the text was about how the Maori Contingent fought in the war although they were treated the same way as other soldiers. After that my group only needed to fill out the rest of the slide as well as pair up and ask set questions to each other that were related to the text, I paired up with Freeman. After we'd asked the questions we needed to write feedback related to how our partner did whilst being quizzed. Other tasks were to say whether or not we thought that we should remember the Maori Contingent's soldiers and researching a Maori Contingent war hero.

Angles Maths

LI: Measuring angles using a protractor.
This week in maths the first thing that we needed to do was fill out a sheet on angles in pairs with a protractor, I worked with Nyjah and together we finished the sheet and then went on to make the DLO with Jack. In the DLO we needed to put one of the questions on the sheet and then write an explanation.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz

Today in reading our task was to present the Kahoots that we'd been working on last week to the rest of Mrs Anderson's reading groups, in my group I was with Tai, John, San Kyaw and Zane. Since our Kahoot had 16 questions and 4 intermissions, it took a lot longer than the other Kahoots to finish. That also meant that participants had huge amounts of points too. In the quiz there were questions on a variety of things related to the Treaty of Waitangi, such as: Who did what, why someone did that and what they did.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Duffy Assembly

On Tuesday this week Panmure Bridge School had a Duffy assembly, during the assembly we were talked to by a former BMX rider and a rugby (Or rugby league) player about how reading influenced where they are now in life. The books that I chose and received were; the fifth book in the bad guys series and another one called the wand makers which from what I read is about a magical world (like the Harry Potter series).

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

5 - 7- 10 Descriptive Writing

resource image

This week for 5 - 7 - 10 we were given a photo of a "tunnel" made out of wood or vine, I chose to make my short descriptive narrative a first person story about someone running around a forest. Since the main point of our stories are to create descriptions of not only the character but the area around them too, I needed to think of many was to describe.

There I was, stumbling blindly around the forest, without a care in the world as I rushed through a spiderweb and leaped over a log. I was dressed in my best ‘adventuring’ clothes, head to toe with camo coloured gear. It seemed like I’d been running for hours. A while later I accidentally tripped over my own feet and landed before what looked like a tunnel. It wasn’t really a tunnel but it resembled one because of a transparent blue tinged casing, which made it look like a tube. Filled with curiosity I slowly walked up to it and reached my hand out... Bzzt! I was thrown back, and forcibly slammed into a thick oak tree.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Researching Professor Stephen Hawking

Since Stephen Hawking passed away last week, the students in LS2 were tasked with the job of creating a DLO on him. We were allowed to get into groups and I grouped up with Julian, Sanujan and Jack. In our groups we answered some questions about him and his occupation, one example would be what is a physicist? We would then answer that question in the slide.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Descriptive Writing

LI: To notice the language features in a character.
LI: Use different sentence types to add interest.

This week for writing one of the tasks was to create a piece of descriptive writing using simple, compound and complex sentences. To give us an idea we were shown a picture of a man standing in a field with long grass surrounded by floating chairs, we were also told to show, not tell.

The man calmly stood still, as the blades of grass around him proudly swayed in the wind. Dressed in a cement coloured hat and vest, his ocean blue pants and a cloud coloured shirt. With a simple gesture, an army of wooden furniture rose above his head. Although the items were in the air, they floated without moving. When the strongest wind hit them they didn’t move an inch, and when the man touched one himself there was no movement.

5 - 7 - 10

LI: To notice the language features of a description.
This week for writing one of our tasks was to do 5 - 7 - 10, for 5 - 7 - 10 the 5 represents five minutes of non-stop writing, the 7 represents seven minutes of talking and changing with a partner and for the last part (which is the 10) we were supposed to use the time to finish and polish the story. We were given the ideas for the story from a website that randomly shows a photo.

Getting Lost

There I was, tramping in the bush… spending hours and hours walking back a forth
and recording everything onto my map. Even after years of trying I’d never mapped
the whole thing. You might think that it was because I was lazy, but the real reason is
because it’s easy to get lost.

On this unfortunate day I was wandering around the deepest parts of the bush when I
was suddenly hit on the head by a falling log, instantly knocked unconscious. When
I woke up it was already dark and when I tried to turn my flashlight on it barely
flickered, the result was expected because I’d landed on it when I’d fallen. After
searching around for what seemed like an age I finally just gave up, falling over a
stone. Sending me sprawling.

After all of that my head was getting pretty sore, because when I tried to stand up I fell down again. Hurt but determined I rose up again but this time I tripped over some tree roots and rolled down a hill, landing inside of someone’s backyard. Seconds later a dog started barking and someone ran over to me and asked for the reason why I was in their property, and I replied with ‘I got lost’.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Fractions And Times Tables

During maths today San Kyaw and I were given a mini test on fractions because we didn't do so well with them in the test, for the "test" San Kyaw and I used times tables and division to get the answer. We answered every question correctly.

Maths Decimal Game

Today for maths the warm up was to play this game and complete it, to complete the game you have to correctly choose the right "house" to throw a newspaper at by answering a series of decimal based questions. The aim of the game is to earn enough money to afford a scooter, throughout the game you evolve from having a skateboard, to roller blades, a bike and then at the end you have a scooter.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Tech Reflection

Today at tech we were tracing our designs on a wooden square, cutting the traced design out and filling it with pewter. I wasn't able to cut mine out but I have finished tracing, the reason that it took so log is because so many people wanted theirs checked and my name was pretty far down in the list. When Mr Grundy gave us all a demonstration on how to use the the cutter everyone had to stay a metre away just in case someone tripped or something, we also had to stay behind some yellow and black tape on the floor when he was pouring the pewter into the moulds.

Agents Of Change DLO

This week another task for inquiry was to write down the ways that we could change things to help with our education, they were basically goals that we thought would help us achieve more or help others to do the same. For the DLO I also drew pictures of what I thought my ways to be an Agent of Change would look like, one is for packing my bag the night before, another is helping others with their work, the next is getting to school early and the last one is running (As a sport). To help us set the goals we looked at how we could be Agents of Change in our own 2018 learning journey. 

Wooden Blocks Problem

This week's maths task was to create a DLO on an equation for wooden blocks, to do it properly Julian and I needed to decrease the equation twice. Although the bigger equations still added up to the same answer, they wouldn't look right in reality (I mean, 100 or 50 blocks long is way too much). After the maths was done we just decided that the DLO looked too empty, so Julian and I just made a simple explanation using blocks.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

New Zealand Olympic Whakatauki

This week's inquiry task was to create a Whakatauki for the New Zealand Olympic team, to do it the DLO was supposed to have the English version, the Maori version and an explanation on what the Whakatauki means. After we'd finished it and taken it to be checked by Ms Kirkpatrick we were then told to ask our Maori teacher Whaea Odie to check the translation, once that was done we were then allowed to blog it. 

Monday, 26 February 2018

PBS And Olympic Venn Diagram

This week one of our inquiry tasks was to create a Venn Diagram on the Olympic values and our school values, at one point we had to change something because both of the things being compared had Respect and Excellence as values. To change that all we needed to do was swap them over to the similarities slot, we also found out that the Olympic motto is in Latin and translated it means Faster, Higher, Stronger. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Electives Math Work

This week's maths work was to figure out an equation on electives for a school, to do it we needed to use fractions and decimals. After I finished the equation I then just added in the answers on the sides and the working out underneath the problem, during the time that I was working it out I was confused at one point until I realised that because I'd thought that there were only 24 students I done the problem wrong. I then quickly just re-read the first part of it and realised my mistake, after that I then proceeded to finish the problem.


This week for cybersmart the task was to create a DLO on our school's whakatauki, the group that I joined for it was composed of Julian, Lyric and I. Together we created a version of the LS1/2 building as well as a representation of our school's whakatauki, to do the care for the land part I created a Kiwi, for the care for the people I created a chain of people holding arms and finally, for the go forward we just drew a person running forward. To do the image of LS1/2 I had to guess the number of things on the building so it might not be completely accurate.


Today at assembly Junior and I received certificates, the certificates were for being organised with our school related equipment. I'm happy with it because I bring my bag, my computer (in a case) and my other things that I would need for school with me every day. I think that I've made a pretty good start to the year if I've gotten this certificate, I also think that if I keep on bringing all of my necessary items to school I'll have a good year. 

Reading Summary - The Week

For reading this week we read the second novel in the five part series about the treaty of Waitangi, this book was about the week before the treaty was going to be signed. To do the activity we first had to get into a group and in those groups everyone read the book, after we'd read the book our next task was to write down important words related to the story. Once that was done the task after that was to create a DLO for the summary that we'd done.

Softball Reflection

Yesterday LS2 group B went to softball, at softball the first thing that we did was get into partners, once we were in partners one of us had to go on one side of the grass while the other went behind a cone a bit further away. In those partners we practiced throwing the ball to each other, we tried different challenges like rolling the ball on the ground to each other, throwing it up high and clapping as much as we could until we caught it and some other things too. We also did a warm up which was 20 star jumps and a run to a tree and back.

Kiwi Can Reflection

Yesterday at Kiwi Can LS2 group B played two games and learnt more about fairness and fair play, to do the first game we had to get into a circle and in that circle there were three hoops. We were then numbered from 1-4 and whenever a number was said, the people who were that number then had to speed walk around the circle until we reached our original spot, when we reached there the objective was to quickly run into a hoop. That continued on until the Kiwi Can instructors started to take the hoops away, I managed to be the last number 2 but I was caught out in the last match. The second game that we played was ball tag, three people from one team were the taggers and a whole other team were the runners. The rules for the taggers were; You're not allowed to move while holding the ball, you can't throw the ball at someone and you can't one hand tag someone with the ball (two hands only).

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Olympic Values

LI: To collect information in order to make a comparison.
For inquiry this week the task was to research our school and the Olympic key values, to do that we first read through a text about the Olympics. After we'd done that we started on the DLO, once the Olympic part was done we then did a little bit of research on our school (Because we didn't know some things). I learnt about how the Olympic motto is also in a different language, how their creed is about trying their best (No matter what the outcome is) and also how their three values are excellence, friendship and respect.

Chinese New Year Explanation

This week's writing task was to create an explanation for the Chinese New Year, I worked with Aung Naing. We could write about one of three things, how the Chinese New Year came to be, what people do to celebrate it or how the zodiac animals came to be. Aung Naing and I decided to do one paragraph on each topic instead of just three on one, for the explanation we used T.I.I.C (Title, Introduction, Information and Conclusion).

Kung hei fat choi! (Happy Chinese New Year), this year symbolizes the year of the dog. The Chinese New Year
is well known today but, how did it start off?

In the beginning it is said that Chinese New Year wasn’t celebrated, the reason being because of a monster
named Nian who terrorised Chinese people on the first moon of every year. The monster did that for a long time
until a wise old man told the people about Nian’s three fears; Fire, the colour red and loud noises. The next time
that the Chinese New Year came they were prepared, and so as soon as Nian arrived the people were covered
in red coloured clothes, lit fireworks, made loud noises from hitting their drums. Nian then ran away and to
celebrate, every year people wear red clothes, light fireworks and make loud noises by hitting drums.

One day the Jade Emperor decided to make animals take part in a race, the race was to decide what twelve
animals would be on the Chinese New Year zodiac. The animal that came first was the Rat, followed by an Ox
and a Tiger. After them came a Rabbit, a Dragon, a Snake, A Horse, a Goat, a Monkey, a Rooster, a Dog and
a Pig.

People also celebrate CNY by giving Hong Bao to unmarried adults and children, inside of the Hong Bao there
is supposed to be money. They also eat food like egg rolls, noodles and shrimp. The foods represent (in order)
wealth, healthiness and happiness.

This is what has happened or is happening to create the Chinese New Year that we know today.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Summer Learning Journey Thank You Letter

On the first year that the Summer learning journey was created and introduced to my school barely anyone participated, my brothers and I did and since there were rewards given at the end the number of participants increased. The second time that they did a learning journey there was more competition, therefore meaning that I had to work harder and focus more if I wanted to take a spot. With more and better rewards being handed out over the years most people who could take their computer home participated, making it more and more competitive. In the 2017-2018 Summer learning journey I had to work harder than ever, since so many wanted to win I had to test my ambition with theirs- sometimes spending half a day on my computer doing as much as I could. I believe that the Summer and Winter learning journeys have helped me with my education because then I could practice my reading and writing skills in the holidays, I really do believe that the learning journeys have helped me develop into the digital blogger that I am today.
So a thank you to Rachel and all of the contributors that are helping with the learning journey, especially the NEXT foundation. Which I'm sure that without their support the learning journeys would not be the same.

Everyone who at least received a certificate.

The prize winners along with Rachel.

Tech Reflection

This term at tech the year 7 group are doing pewter casting, to start we had to create a plan. In the plan we had to fill out a list of 3-4 family members or people that we could give the finished pewter to, we also had to write own four things that are related to them to help us decide on what we should make for them. Our teacher, Mr Grundy also showed us a machine that we would use to cut the shape of our silhouettes, there are special keys to start the machine so that nobody cuts themselves on the blade (The blade goes up and down 50 times a second). He also showed us melted pewter and finished pewter pendants, as well as a tutorial video.

Kiwi Can

At Kiwi Can this week we played three games and were taught more about key values, one of the games that we played was basically a  last person in the middle game. For it someone was in the middle and they would then call out a specific something that someone was either wearing or had done, the people who were wearing that thing or had done what ever was called out had to change their spots - The last person to move to another spot was the person in the middle afterwards. The second one that we played was an acting one, for it we either had to show someone being discouraged or encouraged in a short skit. So finally, for the last one we had to go outside and play ten-second-tag. To play it you have to split into different groups, one group will receive a ball and they then have to try to tag the other team with the ball in a small playing area. The rules were; You can't move with the ball in your hands, no blocking, you can't go outside of the circle and you can't throw the ball at someone (only to other team members).

Acting Game

Ten Second Tag

Marathon Math Problems

For this maths task in groups we had to compare the 2014 half marathon and full marathon average time to the winner's time. My group was confused at one point because we were getting a different answer to everyone else, we then found out that one part of the equation was wrong and fixed our mistake to get the correct answer.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

My Morning Routine

For writing this week all of Ms Kirkpatrick's groups had to write down what our morning routine for everyday is. We also had to link our paragraphs together as well as the introduction to the conclusion.

Everyday I have to do a certain amount of things before I go to school, these are the things that have to get finished before 8:20 (Which is when I leave for school).

When I wake up I first take a shower, and then get dressed. After that I eat weet-bix and drink a hot chocolate, when I finish doing that I then have to rinse and put my dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Before I start making my lunch I brush my teeth and get changed out of my pyjamas.

Since I’ve done most of the things that I need to do before leaving by that time I then make my lunch, sometimes I make a sandwich out of whatever’s available but other times I just take something else. By the time that I’m finished it’s usually almost time to leave, I then just read a book on my bed until my Dad tells me to get into the car.

If it’s raining outside I just stand in the doorway until he comes and gets his shoes on, I leave to get into the car because I don’t want wait so long in the rain. On the drive to school I just sit there, while my Dad drives and wait until I get to school.

This is my morning routine, something that happens every day for me and rarely changes.

Summarising The Pathway

For reading this week I had to group up and in the group the other members and I had to read a book called the pathway, the book is about before the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. We then had to write down questions and interesting vocabulary that we found, in the end we combined the words that we'd written down with the other groups and then decided on which 6 words were the most important. After that the groups we split up again and then had to write our own summary.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Winter Olympics Mascot Comparison

For this task my group and I had to research about the current Winter Olympics Mascot and another one from a different time, we chose to research one called Bely Mishka and also the current one that's called Soohorang. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Winter Olympic Games | 1924 - Modern Times | Venn Diagram

For this task I was put into a group, all of the groups were then supposed to create a Venn Diagram showing the similarities and differences between the 1924 Winter Olympics and the Modern Olympics. We learnt about all of the types of games that they did back then, how the games have changed and what types of safety equipment they use now.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Blog Post Analysis

LI: To carry out a statistical inquiry.
For this analysis task I had to find out how many blog posts I've done every year for the past three of them, I also included this year because there are still a few that I did. In 2015 I was able to do 248 posts, in 2016 I only managed to do 198 but last year I did better than before by publishing 316 posts. For the task everyone also had to find a reason as to why I did more or less posts for each year, as well as having to set a goal of blog posts for the year that we had to beat.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Remembering Our Summer Holiday In Seven Sentences

Today for writing all of LS2 had to create a copy of a DLO and then fill it out with seven sentences
(One for each sense) and also a picture of one of the sentences. We also had to try and use different
language features eg; a Hyperbole, a Simile, a Metaphor, Onomatopoeia etc.
I chose to create a picture of my sixth sentence in which I use a simile, the sentence is about when my
brothers blocked a door by pushing it to keep me from getting out.

L.I. - Writing to recount
Writing using language features to engage readers

Complete these sentences about an event over the summer holiday.
Don’t tell us what the event was just give us enough information that we can know for ourselves.

I heard a man running through the crowds, and a woman trying to calm her baby down.

I heard the object fall to the ground with an earth shattering ‘Clunk!’.

I saw an advertisement when I went to the cinema.

I wondered if I would see anyone that I knew there.

I wondered about the ending for the movie.

I felt like an ant when I tried to push the door open.

Although I felt one of my brothers trip me over, I quickly just got back up and chased after him.

- Me being unable to open the door because  they were pushing really hard.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 5 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the fifth day of the fourth week, for it I had to describe what New Zealand would look like in the future.

I think that most of it would've sunk underneath the sea because we're kind of close to Antarctica and so when the ice melts lots of water will probably flood the whole island. The government would've probably prepared in advance though, by either evacuating everyone or maybe building a new city out of tubes or something so people could live in them.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 5 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for the fifth day of the fourth week, for it I had to choose one of three cars that I would choose if I could.

These are the cars:
Red-Cadillac-750x443.jpghummer.pngflying car (2).jpg

I would choose the one in the middle because the one on the left doesn't have a roof so if it rains I'll get soaked, I wouldn't choose the one on the right because although it can fly it may malfunction or I might lose control since it's entirely futuristic and nobody's done any safety tests. Another reason to not choose the flying one would be the wings sticking out, what if you hit something? You'd most likely then just plummet to the ground spinning in a circle because it wouldn't have any balance.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 5 Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for the fifth day of the fourth week, for it I had to say what I'd like to do when I finished school.

I want to go to a university because then I'll have higher chances of getting a well paying job so then I can help my family out more.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 4 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the fourth day of the fourth week, for it I had to write down the name, writer and lyrics of my favourite song.

My favourite song is Smash Mouth by All Star

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb
in the shape of an L on her forehead

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb

So much to do, so much to see
So what's wrong with taking the back streets?
You'll never know if you don't go

You'll never shine if you don't glow

Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play

Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

It's a cool place and they say it gets colder

You're bundled up now, wait till you get older
But the meteor men beg to differ
Judging by the hole in the satellite picture
The ice we skate is getting pretty thin
The water's getting warm so you might as well swim
My world's on fire, how about yours?
That's the way I like it and I never get bored

Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars

Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas?
I need to get myself away from this place
I said yep what a concept
I could use a little fuel myself
And we could all use a little change

Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do, so much to see
So what's wrong with taking the back streets?
You'll never know if you don't go (go!)
You'll never shine if you don't glow

Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 4 Activity 2

Today I did the first activity for the fourth day of the fourth week, for it I had to watch a bit of country calendar and then give two reasons on either why or why not I'd want to be a farmer when I'm older as well as saying what would be some of the most interesting/challenging things to about being a farmer.

One of the most interesting and challenging things about being a farmer is that if a disease or something else that affects your crop happens most of the time you have to replace everything.

I wouldn't be a farmer because, even though you can earn a lot of money having to wake up early and do lots of things as well as going to sleep late and always being tired are not things that I think that I could handle.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 4 Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for the fourth day of the fourth week, for it I had to answer some questions about the movie called Moana.

1. What is it about?
It's about an adventurous teenager who sails out to sea in an attempt to save her people, on the way she meets the Demi-God Maui and the two of them team up to save the world from evil.
2. Who are the main characters in the movie?
Moana and Maui.
3. What do they do in the movie?
They travel across the world to return what Maui stole from a god to give to the humans.
4. Where do they go?
Across the pacific ocean.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 3 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the third day of the fourth week, for it I had to pretend that I was a teacher and then design a classroom.

I chose to have lots of tables and chairs as well as beanbags.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 3 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for the third day of the fourth week, for it I had to find a photo of my hometown and then write three interesting things that tourists would go to in my town.

Image result for panmure

1. Walk around the Panmure Basin.
2. Visit the Panmure library.
3. Visit the Stone cottage.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 3 Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for the third day of the fourth week, for it I had to choose two people who I would form a coalition "government" along with answering why.

I would choose my two brothers because they're older than me and Thomas is smart while Daniel is a leader.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 2 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the second day of the fourth week, for it I had to research one of nine dancing styles and then write down three interesting facts about it.

The dance that I chose to research is called the tango.

1. It originated from the 1880s.
2. The tango was originally danced in Argentina and Uruguay.
3. The tango is a dance that has influences from African, Native American and European culture.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 2 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for the second day of the fourth week, for it I had to say who my sporting hero is.

My sporting hero is Usain Bolt because he's really fast and encouraged others to use him as their goal to beat as well as their model.
Image result for usain bolt

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 2 Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for the second day of the fourth week, for it I had to research three interesting facts about Richie McCaw

1. When he first tried rugby he wasn't the most talented athlete.
2. The first time he actually understood who the All Blacks were was the 1987 world cup.
3. He is the most capped All Black in all time.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 1 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the first day of the fourth week, for it I had to take a selfie of me ding something that was either my hobby or something that I liked to do.

One my my favourite things to do is reading book in my spare time.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 1 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for the first day of the fourth week, for it I had to pretend that I was given 300 million dollars and then say what I'd do with the money.

I would buy my parents a new house and then pay off the mortgage, I would then buy my Mum a car so she could use it to lean to drive. After that I'd buy some things for my brothers and then just save the money in a bank for emergencies.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 4 Day 1 Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for the first day of the fourth week, for it I had to say what my family do to celebrate special events.

My family and I usually just go to a fast food shop but if it's really special we sometimes spent time with our relatives and my Mum might bake something sweet like a pineapple pie or a cake.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 3 Day 5 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the fifth day of the third week, for it I had to say whether or not I think that students should pay tuition fees.

I think that students shouldn't pay the fees because it's wrong to force someone to pay for their education, I also think that there shouldn't be fees because when they get older and find a job won't their taxes pay off the same amount over time?

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 3 Day 5 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for the fifth day of the third week, for it I had to select one of the four people who were president in the 1990s and then fill in a form by researching about them.

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 3 Day 5 Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for the fifth day of the third week, for it I had to pretend that I was going to go hike the Tongariro Crossing and then list five things that I would take with me on my trip.

1. Food/Water.
2. Extra Clothing.
3. Tents.
4. Rope.
5. Lighters/matches.

I also had to learn about how to stay safe while hiking.

1. Plan the trip (Set courses, ask guides etc).
2. Tell someone close to you about where you're going.
3. Be aware of the weather.
4. Know your limits.
5. Take enough supplies.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 3 Day 4 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the fourth day of he third week, for it I had to pretend that I was someone called Scotty Morrison and I was able to interview anyone that I wanted to.

I would interview Steve Hansen because he coaches the All Blacks and I'd ask him about how he gets the players out of their beds for training, and if they come voluntarily or if they have to be given a wake up call.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 3 Day 4 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for the fourth day of the third week, for it I had to say where I would go if I was a student in the 1980s doing the Big OE (Big Overseas Experience).

I would go to London because then I could see Big Ben, the London Eye and also see how rainy it is there.

Image result for big benBig Ben

Image result for rainy cloudRainy cloud
Image result for london eyeThe London eye