Monday, 24 September 2018

Bridge Building

For the past two weeks Ms Kirkpatrick's inquiry groups have been building bridges out of spaghetti, it sounds simple but it really wasn't because we needed to: Draw up a plan, tie spaghetti together with rubber bands, add tape to everything and also tie everything together with string. Other problems didn't help the production much either, like the sudden shortage of rubber bands and spaghetti. My group had four people in it, Fraidoon, Carl, Joseph and myself. Near the end of the week my group only had three walls so instead of having a rectangle we just connected two to make the sides, so we then had a triangle which is a stronger shape. When it was weighing time the block that could distribute the weight of the bricks wouldn't fit so instead we needed to use the hook, which wouldn't distribute the weight at all, therefore one piece of the bridge would be under lots of strain and the pieces next to it wouldn't be able to help much. After six around about one kg bricks our bridge broke. I had lots of fun whilst building my bridge because since I'd kept some rubber bands from the first day, whenever we were low on spaghetti we could just go and trade for more.

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