Thursday, 15 February 2018

My Morning Routine

For writing this week all of Ms Kirkpatrick's groups had to write down what our morning routine for everyday is. We also had to link our paragraphs together as well as the introduction to the conclusion.

Everyday I have to do a certain amount of things before I go to school, these are the things that have to get finished before 8:20 (Which is when I leave for school).

When I wake up I first take a shower, and then get dressed. After that I eat weet-bix and drink a hot chocolate, when I finish doing that I then have to rinse and put my dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Before I start making my lunch I brush my teeth and get changed out of my pyjamas.

Since I’ve done most of the things that I need to do before leaving by that time I then make my lunch, sometimes I make a sandwich out of whatever’s available but other times I just take something else. By the time that I’m finished it’s usually almost time to leave, I then just read a book on my bed until my Dad tells me to get into the car.

If it’s raining outside I just stand in the doorway until he comes and gets his shoes on, I leave to get into the car because I don’t want wait so long in the rain. On the drive to school I just sit there, while my Dad drives and wait until I get to school.

This is my morning routine, something that happens every day for me and rarely changes.

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