Friday, 23 February 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

Yesterday at Kiwi Can LS2 group B played two games and learnt more about fairness and fair play, to do the first game we had to get into a circle and in that circle there were three hoops. We were then numbered from 1-4 and whenever a number was said, the people who were that number then had to speed walk around the circle until we reached our original spot, when we reached there the objective was to quickly run into a hoop. That continued on until the Kiwi Can instructors started to take the hoops away, I managed to be the last number 2 but I was caught out in the last match. The second game that we played was ball tag, three people from one team were the taggers and a whole other team were the runners. The rules for the taggers were; You're not allowed to move while holding the ball, you can't throw the ball at someone and you can't one hand tag someone with the ball (two hands only).

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  1. It looks like the whole class had fun while also learning life skills.