Friday, 3 November 2017

QAR Questions

This week for reading people in groups had to get into pairs, in those pairs we then had to check another pairs' questions that we had to write last week on one of the texts that we read. There was one thing for my group though, we could choose to try and and either answer Mr Ogilvies questions or the other pairs' ones. Jack and I decided to try and answer Mr Ogilivies ones, his ones were quite confusing at times so Jack and I had to confer and try to decide what answer was better. We needed to wait for Mr Ogilvie to check the questions to see if we got them right or wrong. We also had a bet because the other pair also chose to answer Mr Ogilivies so the bet was that if we got more questions right we'd win but if they go more right they'd win, and the winner got chocolate fish.


Who is the NZRL players featured in the article?
  • Roger Tuivasa Sheck, Stacey Jones | Think And Search
How do you look after your well being? Are they similar to Roger?
  • Jack: I make sure to eat healthy, and drink lots of water, but I do still treat myself every once in awhile. What I do is similar to what Roger does, although he doesn’t like fast food and I do.
  • Alex: I drink a lot, eat a lot and exercise everyday. What I do similar to Roger is he makes sure that his body always gets its nutrients.
  • | Author and You (Because you have to read the text to see how Roger look after his well being).
What does Roger consider well being?
He considers that you drink a lot of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and stay around the outside of supermarkets. | Think and search (Because there are multiple things that he considers, and they aren’t in the same positions).
Where did Roger go to College?
  • He went to Otahuhu College | Right there (Because there was only 1 answer to this question, and it was in a position where you could point right at the answer).
How old was Roger when he started in the NRL?
  • 16 years old | Right there (Because there was only 1 answer to this question, and it was in a position where you could point right at the answer).
Would you like to play the game? Why?
  • Jack: Yes, because you encourage one-another, and the game sounds like a good source of exercise.
  • Alex: Yes, because I like running around, and this game includes a lot of it.
  • Author and you (Because you have to read the text, and read the rules to this game).
Do you think Roger is balanced with his Hauora?
  • Yes | Author and you
Do you think sports stars could do more to promote being healthy?
  • Jack: I think they could do a little bit more to promote it.
  • Alex: No | On my own
How did Rogers Family support him?
  • His family gave up their lives in New Zealand and moved to Australia just to support him. | Right there (Because the answer’s only in one spot)
What percentage of water is your body made up of?

  • The human body is 73% water, but in the text it says that it’s actually 70% | On my own (Because you can ask anyone the question even though an answer is in the text)

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