Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Wheel Decide

LI to: learn about probability using the number of chances.
This week for maths we had to create a wheel on, for the wheels we had to create odds and see what we would get from the odds. We were able to do whatever we wanted with the wheel as long as we made sure that it had the right chances. For the first wheel we had to create a wheel with odds of 1/5 and for the second we had to make one with odds of 1/10.
I made the first wheel on the most frequently played games, and the choice that it spun to was Assassins Creed. The second one was household items, this one rolled onto desks. So then the last one which we could pick for ourselves but had to make sure that the odds were higher in one sides favour, I did it on candy and it rolled onto rock candy even though the odds were higher in chocolates favour.

1/10 chance one

3/5 chance one

1/5 chance one

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