Thursday, 9 November 2017

Making Connections Modelling Book

LI to: use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.
This week for writing Mr Ogilvies groups had to decide what reading strategy they would like to make a modelling book on, there was only one thing though, each group had to go in order of their members to choose a reading strategy and there were only a certain amount of people who could do each one. So basically because my group my group chose last we had the leftovers that nobody else wanted. I chose to do my modelling book on making connections, to make a connection properly you have to relate the text that you've read with another text, yourself and the world. For the task we also had to make connections with three books, one of them had to be a junior level, another had to be intermediate level and the final senior level. We also had to have two nonfiction and one fiction or two fiction and one nonfiction.
The Christmas tree and other things were just for fun and to make it look better then just some boring pieces of text.

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