Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Holiday Reading Challenge Day 2 Activity 2

Today I did activity 2 of day 2 for the holiday reading challenge, for it I had to draw a picture of what I'd want to be when I grow up.

I'd want to be a policeman because then I could protect people and my family.


  1. Hey Alex,

    Awesome picture! Looks just like a policeman! They have such an important job keeping our community safe and looking after people. What kind of things would you like to do the most as a policeman? The police have been really helpful in my life, keeping me and my things safe :)

    Have you talked to a policeman about what they do? If you get the chance to, it would be a great way to learn about the job!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hi Alex
    Well done on finishing this summer learning journey activity. Your picture of the policeman looks great. Did you use the shapes tool on the google drawing to create him? Keep up the superb work!