Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Holiday Reading Challenge Day 3 Activity 2

Today I did the second activity for day 3 of the summer learning journey, for it I had to use a template to create my own pepeha.

Ko Grady tōku iwi My tribe is Grady
Ko Panmure ahau I am from Panmure
Ko Nick rāua ko Emmy ōku mātua  My parents are Nick and Emmy
Ko Alex tōku ingoa. My name is Alex


  1. Kia Ora Alex!

    Well done on giving your pepeha a go! It's cool to know more about you, your family and where you're from.

    Did you watch the video ( to find out about how you might find out what your manga (mountain), awe (river) or waka (boat or aeroplane your family came to NZ on) might be?

    It would be cool to know some more :)


  2. Hi Alex
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. Your pepeha so far is great. I like how you put the words in normal and italic so that people could see clearly which words are in Maori and which ones are in English. Keep up the amazing work.