Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Holiday Reading Challenge Week 2 Day 1 Bonus Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the second day of the second week, for it I had to read this poem and then say if I liked it and also say how it made me feel.

I liked it a lot because at the end of almost every sentence there was a rhyme, when I read it I felt proud because it said how brave people were fighting and dying for their country.


  1. Hi Alex,
    Your blog looks really great! I have not did this activity yet. What did the poem say?

    Great work!


  2. Ka Pai Alex,

    I completely agree with you! It is a beautiful poem with its rhyming and meaning behind it. I think it is very cool that you feel proud after reading the poem. It holds so much meaning for many people.

    Quick quiz, what do you think the word quarrel means?
    Fun facts: Did you know poppies also come in yellow, orange, pink and purple!

    Cadence :)

  3. Hello Alex
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. I also found the poem nice but it reminded me of the massive loss of life that happened during the war. Keep up the good work Alex.