Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Holiday Reading Challenge Day 1 Activity 2

Today I did day one activity two of the Summer Learning Journey, for this task I had to pretend that I was one of the first people to find New Zealand by sending a letter to friend.

Dear friend, we finally landed onto the shore and I must admit... it is quite cold down here compared to our homeland. As soon as we'd landed everyone rushed to the shore and started to gather things to eat, some others set up the camp spot and the leftover ones went to get firewood. At night we heard some very strange sounds, it sounded just like a ghost was right above us but when one of the other tribesmen threw a rock up and hit something a bird fell down.
- From your friend, liking the new island but is slightly chilly.
PS: Can you reply as soon as possible?


  1. Hi Alex,

    It sounds like you got to the new island safely and so far are enjoying it aside from the chill. I bet you were a little bit nervous landing for the first time in a whole new place... I would be. Surely there's lots of new things to discover though?! What do they have to eat there? And were there any other people there when you got there?

    Hear from you soon...

    Great letter, Alex. I could picture myself in your shoes landing in Aotearoa for the first time!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hello Alex
    Great job on finishing this summer learning journey activity. Your letter to your friend is great. Which one of your friends would you write to, if this was real? Keep up the amazing work Alex.