Friday, 4 August 2017

Reflection, Rotation and Translation

LI to transform shapes using reflection, rotation and translation.
For the first part of these activities I had to draw a horizontal line and a vertical line in my maths book, once I’d done that I then had to number it. I then had to draw a shape, label its corners A, B, C and D and then make a copy of it and translate it (maths version). Once I’d translated the copy of the shape I then drew the line of reflection and reflected the copy, after I reflected the copy I then had to draw a point of rotation and make a copy of the reflection and rotate it 90 degrees.
I did this by using a ruler to make the straight lines, imagining what the shape would look like rotated and reflected and also by using the vertical and horizontal lines to figure out where the shape was and where it would go.
I also did an audio recording to go with this slide.

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