Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Zealand's Political History Learning

Yesterday Mr Ogilvie's reading groups went up to LS2 to research New Zealand's political history on a timeline, we had to use skimming and scanning to quickly find the information and write it down on a piece of paper. We kept on skimming, scanning and writing the information down until we were called to the whiteboard and it was there that we had to ask some questions. Some questions were "What caused the parliament building to burn down?" and "How long were the breaks in William Lee Rees' a bit over 24 hour speech?"

Some more questions that Jack and I have are:
Why did some men not want women to be able to vote?
What was William Lee Rees' bit over 24 speech about?
Why does a ceremonial mace let the Serjeant at arms become an official in the parliament?

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  1. Hi Alex.
    Great job on describing what we did this week, and the questions you came up with, they are REALLY INTERESTING! It's always great to learn about past events, they really are worth reading. You did very well in this activity, and it's great you understood what you were reading.

    Keep it up!

    - Jack